“Fall” in Love Adoption Day Event Blog

We are so excited to tell you about our “Fall” in Love Horse Adoption Event! Our staff started the day off early at 7 am to make sure everything was ready for the gates to open at 10 am. It wasn’t long before the trailers and cars started lining up. Everyone wanted to make sure they were the first ones in.

Tawnee held a staff and volunteer meeting to let everyone know how the day would go. This was also a time for everyone to ask questions and to make sure everything was ready to go.

At opening time, 10:00am, people were out of their cars waiting at the gate ready to get in. Once the gates opened it was a busy day. We had over 130 people come through looking for their new horse.

All of the horses were put in pens with food and water while they waited to see who would get adopted. I’m sure they were talking to each other about how exciting it was going to be.

People were watching the trainers show horses to other adopters while they waited their turn in line. It was a busy day despite all of the rain that we had.

It wasn’t long before people fell in love with their new horses and was loading them up to take them home. We are so happy for Grayson and his new mom. We got Grayson at an auction in September. We are so excited that he never has to worry about that again and that he will have an amazing home.

Bolt and Lillith were just hanging out with their adopters waiting for it to be their turn to load up and head home. Every adopter fills out an adoption form after they have gone through the adoption process and are approved to adopt. They are going to have an amazing home and we can’t wait to see updates.

While others were filling out paperwork others were walking around petting and loving on the horses. Sassafrass was enjoying the love that she was getting. Sassafrass is still available so if you are interested in adopting her please email info@horsehumane.org for information.

Ida was so excited to be going to her new loving home! Her family is excited as well, she will be getting lots of love and treats from her new family.

We provided some umbrellas to people still lined up waiting for their turns. No ones seemed to mind the rain while they waited.

The trainers worked with the people and horses before they went home. This helps to ensure that the horse and person are the right match for each other.¬† Of course, any horse adopted from us is always welcome back if it doesn’t work out.

It’s always the best feeling when horses are adopted and heading to their new home.

We had a wonderful group of staff and volunteers that worked hard to make sure everyone was going to their right homes. Here Rylie is off to help get another horse for someone.

Prince was the last adoption of the day. He is going to an amazing home that will love him forever! We can’t be more excited for him and his new family.

At the end of the day we counted up the adoptions and we had 36! Here Sarah is looking at all of the adoption forms and not believing how many horses went to their new loving homes.

Nashville Fox 17 came out and did a news story about the adoption event, they did a great job, to watch the news clip, click here.

We can’t thank everyone that came out enough. We are so happy for the people and the horses that got adopted, and we are so grateful for your support that makes rescuing, sheltering, and then adopting into amazing homes possible.

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