Will You Give Just $1 to Help Save a Horse?

Could $1 really make the difference between life and death for a horse?  The answer is YES!  Sometimes when people think about making a donation, they think “I can only give a little, it really wouldn’t make a difference.”  Let me assure you, it really does!  Horse Plus Humane Society is based on a foundation of small donors, including you, and together we make the difference!  We have over 16,000 people on our e-mail list, and over 250,000 people follow us on Facebook.  Can you imagine what would happen if each person gave just $1?

We will be going to an auction next Tuesday, and with your donation of just $1 you can make the difference in the life of a horse that was dumped at the auction like trash.  All kinds of horses are taken to this slaughter auction: young, old, skinny, fat, it doesn’t matter their age, training, or condition, they are all taken there and they all need help: but we cannot help them without your support.  Please donate right now, thank you so much!   – Tawnee Preisner, President of Horse Plus Humane Society

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Please give now!

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By phone: 1-888-HPHS-077

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Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, tax ID #20-1156396.