No One Wanted Her :'(

We are going to an auction this Tuesday and need your help to save horses just like Lakota.  We rescued Lakota from an auction in November, 2017.  Lakota was very scared at the auction.  Walking down the alleyway she crashed into a gate, bewildered at her surroundings.  Once she was in the auction ring she stood trembling.  Auction workers pushed her back and forth to show that she wasn’t lame.  She crashed repeatedly into the walls of the auction ring.  Everyone sitting in the auction that night knew she was just a blind old horse.  Nobody wanted her and nobody cared, not even her owner who dumped her there without a thought to her future.

Thanks to donations from people just like you, we were able to save Lakota.  After coming to our shelter she was dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and given the vet and farrier care she needed.  We found that she was nicely trained to ride and was so responsive under saddle that even children could ride her, and she absolutely loved kids.  She really enjoyed going on trail rides with other horses, and would listen to where the other horses walked and follow their path.  We placed Lakota in our Equine Adoption Partner program and our partner found her a wonderful home.  Lakota is doing absolutely fantastic in her new home, and is the favorite with all the kids at her barn.  We would like to say a huge “Thank You!” to Heather for adopting Lakota, giving her a great second chance and a forever loving home.

We can’t rescue horses like Lakota without your support.  We don’t know what kind of horses will be at the auction on Tuesday, but we know for certain that they need help.  If we don’t save them, they will end up in the slaughter pipeline.  Approximately 90% of the horses at this auction will go to slaughter if we don’t save them, there are very few private homes that go to this auction looking for a family horse.  Will you help us save them?


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