Slaughter Auction Tomorrow – Will You Help?

The auction is tomorrow and we are gearing up for that, but we had an emergency rescue mission we had to go on today.  Jason and Tawnee responded to the call for assistance, and when they arrived they found multiple horses living in pens filled with trash and rubbish, fencing made out of dilapidated strands of barbed wire and a couple horses staked out for long periods of time.  This was a hoarding case that another humane society was working on as there were approximately 30 dogs, or more, on the property.  The other humane society does not handle horses and asked us to assist.  A sheriff deputy stood by to make sure everyone remained peaceable.  In total we were able to remove 8 horses from this situation and have legal ownership of them.  There are 3 stallions that need gelding, and all of the horses need medical and hoof care.  This rescue being the day before the auction makes it hard to fundraise for it, anything you can do will really help!  To watch a short video of this young horse that was tied to a rusting horse trailer, click here.

We know there are going to be a lot of horses at the auction tomorrow, and we are counting on you to help us change their lives.  It typically costs $1,000 per horse to rescue, transport, provide the vet and farrier care, and shelter each horse from the auction.  There are some horses we rescue at auction whose owner should have given them the Last Act of Kindness, but instead they wanted to make a last few dollars off of them, dumping them into the slaughter pipeline.  They are suffering, and there is no treatment, but we will not turn a blind eye to them.  They need help too, they need compassion.  Most of the horses that will be auctioned off will be adoptable given a chance, and you are that chance.

Tomorrow will be very busy but I will do my best to send out an email or two while the auction is happening to keep you updated.  I can’t thank each and every person enough who has donated or will donate, you are truly the horses hero.   ~ Tawnee Preisner, President Horse Plus Humane Society

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