Rainy Days and More

Festus is getting friendlier and friendlier. He gets so excited when you call his name. His ears perk up and he looks at you like here I am. He will be starting his halter training soon which we are sure won’t take him long at all. If you are interested in adopting him please email info@horsehumane.org.


Payton, one of our EPAP trainers, has been working with River and he has done amazing. We are excited to say that he has found his forever home. We are so excited for these two!

Despite the wet, rainy weather a building supply truck showed up at the shelter and unloaded material.  We are going to be very excited to announce the next step of our shelter construction when the crew shows up to build it.

In the fall and winter it is usually raining a lot so Kristen is pretty excited to be able to train the horses in the covered round pen. Little Girl has been started under saddle and is doing amazing! She still has a ways to go as she is still green but it won’t take her long. If you are interested in adopting her please email info@horsehumane.org

We are excited to say that we now have the stalls finished in the Vet barn! Horses will be able to stay in the stalls if they have an injury or need to recover from something.  The stall fronts are a little longer than the barn is wide, but it all looks very nice now that it’s done.

The horses that were rescued at the previous auction are doing well! They are still in quarantine but will be done in a few weeks. Merlin is one of the horses that we were able to rescue. Many thanks to you and people like you who donate to help us do what we do.

If you would like to help us rescue more horses like Merlin and his friends please donate. We wouldn’t be able to do all that we do without your support. With the rainy days and cold weather coming there are so many horses that need to be rescued and sheltered. Thanks to your support we can do it. Thank you again and we hope you have a wonderful day!

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