26 Horses Saved – Thank You!

Thanks to your amazing outpouring of support, we were able to rescue an amazing 26 precious lives at the auction! There was one horse at the auction we were particularly worried about. We posted pictures of her and started fundraising to hopefully be able to save her. The kill buyers, who watch our Facebook page, saw what was happening, got together and purchased her before she was ran through the sale ring so we couldn’t get her. We didn’t know this and kept waiting for her to come through the ring, but when the very last horse came through, we were in a bit of a panic, realizing what the kill buyers were up to. Finally, after negotiating with them, they finally agreed to sell her to us for $400, three times more than what she would have gotten during the sale. Many times people ask us exactly which auction we are going to. What happened to this horse is why we don’t tell where we are going, kill buyers collude together and the horses suffer. There is a list of horse auctions across the United States, if you are interested in attending an auction near you, click here.

Watch the Video – Click Here

We purchased 25 horses the night of the auction, and the next morning the auctioneer asked if we wanted to buy one of the little miniature horses for $150 that the person who won the bid decided they didn’t want. We agreed and when we left Wednesday morning we had saved a total of 26. If you would like to help name them, please click here then click on the photo of the horse you would like to help name, suggest a name in the comment and also don’t forget to vote for other names by “Liking” the best name.

Kisa of Kisa Kavass Designs was at the shelter waiting for the new horses to arrive to document them and help bring awareness of their plight through photography. Kisa is one of our volunteers and we cannot thank her enough for coming to our shelter to help out, going on rescues, and going to events. To watch a video she put together of the latest auction rescue, click here.

Watch the Video – Click Here

Again, thank you everyone for your support that made this amazing auction rescue possible. We cannot do our life saving work without you. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year!

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