Why Rescue a Horse From the Slaughter Pipeline?

Why do we rescue from the slaughter pipeline?  Some people think horses at auctions are “junk throw away good for nothing horses that are worth nothing but what a kill buyer can get for it at a slaughter plant.”  Just because a horse falls on hard times does not mean it should ever be subjected to the slaughter pipeline!  We met Calamity, named by our Facebook fans, at an auction in middle Tennessee.  She looked absolutely dejected and was just a rack of bones with hide covering her skeleton.  She was one of the horses that was too weak to make the final trip to slaughter and was sold at the auction by a shipper for whatever he could get for her.  In the auction ring the kill buyers didn’t really bid on her.  They knew that she would take a lot of money to fatten up enough to even make the trip, and it wasn’t worth it for them.  We won the bid to save Calamity and we knew we would do everything we could to change her life.

When Calamity arrived at our shelter she was exhausted.  We didn’t know for sure that her body would survive, but her spirit was strong, there was hope and fight left in her eyes.  Calamity had a 1 year old baby who was in even worse condition than her with open wounds and injuries he had sustained in the slaughter pipeline.  Despite our best efforts, he didn’t make it, but we kept fighting for Calamity, who never gave up.

Calamity started improving and we were very excited that one of our experienced adopters wanted to adopt her and finish her rehab.  Because this adopter is very experienced and has the facility, experience and great vet to continue Calamity’s rehab, we allowed her to adopt Calamity.  Calamity’s new mom was so excited!

Calamity settled into life at her new home at a beautiful farm with over 100 acres to explore.  Calamity’s mom made sure she always knew she was loved and cherished with lots of kisses.

During feeding time Calamity’s mom would hang a bucket on the gate, and kids would come and read to her while she was eating.  Calamity just soaked up all the attention!

Calamity now knows peace, kindness, love and safety.  These are things she would have never known if people just like you didn’t donate to save a horse from the slaughter pipeline.

Calamity’s ribs are disappearing and she is starting to fill out and becoming the beautiful horse on the outside that she has always been on the inside.  Calamity’s story is repeated over and over when we rescue from auction, this is why we rescue horses from auctions, to give them a great chance at a wonderful life.

It is hard to imagine what Calamity’s life would have been like if we didn’t have the funds to save her.  She was on the brink of death with no hope, but because of people just like you, she was rescued and has a great home.  Will you help us save horses just like Calamity at the upcoming auction?  It’s only 2 days away, and we are counting on you!

Please help us save precious horses just like Calamity – Donate now!