Urgent – We are at the slaughter auction right now! ??

Our rescue team is at the auction right now getting ready to save lives, and we really need your help!  Many of the horses at this auction tonight are old and feeble. It breaks our hearts to see elderly horses dumped at auction after serving their owners all of their lives.  We want to save them. We don’t know for sure what our veterinarian will say about their quality of life, but we do know they do not deserve to be here, they do not deserve to be shipped to slaughter.

There are about 65 horses here, we are hoping to save 10 or more tonight! Won’t you please help us save precious lives? It only takes about $1,000 to rescue, rehabilitate and shelter an auction horse, no donation is too small to help us save a life!  As always, there are numerous kill buyers with their big trailers, hoping to load up and ship to slaughter. We are the last line for these horses, and without your support, we cannot save as many as we have room at the shelter for.  Please donate right now, the horses are counting on you.