Over 20 Horses Saved From The Slaughter Pipeline!!!

Thanks to your extremely generous support of the auction rescue fundraiser, we were able to save over 20 precious horses, ponies, minis and a donkey.  There were so many different horses, all of them so special.  We wish we could have saved them all, but we are so thankful for being able to save over 20!  After the auction was over Tawnee and the volunteers headed back to make sure everyone was comfortable for the night.  This big guy just couldn’t get enough love.  He kept putting his head over the gate for kisses.  It almost became a game for him.  He would pop up for a kiss then go back again.  It was so sweet and had all of the rescue team smiling.

Tomorrow we will be getting them all transported to our shelter, it’s going to be a very busy day.  Tawnee will do her best to get updates on our Facebook page.  Updates should start being posted around 11:00 am CST.

Thanks again, you all made this amazing night possible, without you, we couldn’t have rescued so many horses.