Meet the 24 Horses Saved at Auction

We are so grateful for your support that enabled us to save an amazing 24 precious lives from the slaughter pipeline!  Last night we announced that we had saved 22, but after the auction we were able to save some others from a pro-slaughter horse trader, making a total of 24 saved.  He sold them to us below auction prices.  First thing this morning Jason and Tawnee started doing the intake process at the auction yard, doing an initial evaluation and intake photos.  It took three trucks and trailers to move all the horses safely to our shelter.  All of these horses need names, and we are currently asking for name suggestions on our Facebook page.  If you would like to help name these horses, please click here and suggest or like a name that you think best fits the horse.

After arriving at our shelter all the horses started settling in.  You could still see the fear in their eyes, but at the same time, peace and relief was there too.  Could this really be real?  Was the nightmare really over?

Sadly there were two horses that had to be given the Last Act of Kindness.  One was suffering from severe degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD) that could not be treated and was very painful, and the other was suffering from a severe case of cancer, and there was absolutely nothing we could do other than give them lots of love and peppermint treats.  It’s always hard to say goodbye but it’s the right thing to do and they are pain free forever.

Two other critical horses were rescued at the auction.  As best we can tell, they were both locked in a small area and their hooves had grown out very long.  Recently someone chopped the curl off their hooves and nailed shoes on the bottom, probably trying to make them look better for the public at the auction.  Both of these horses have lived like this for a very long time, and every step is extremely painful for them.  We are getting x-rays done tomorrow in hopes that there is nothing permanently damaged inside the hoof.  They are very bonded and they are in an extra-large stall so they can stay together.  There is thick fluffy shavings to help make them more comfortable.

We checked on them after dark and they are both resting in the shavings, getting relief from their sore feet for the first time in a long time.  The look of peace on this horse’s face just makes our rescue efforts completely worth it.

Thank you all so much for your support!  We couldn’t have rescued these 24 precious lives without you!

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