Shelter Happenings – Feb.18th-21st

We’ve been reaching out to many of our followers trying to figure out what our blog should look like for 2019.  There is so much going on at our shelter on a daily basis that it is hard to blog it all, but the consensus is you would like to read at least the highlights from the daily happenings at the shelter.  This winter has been one of the wettest winters on record in Tennessee, and it’s certainly rained a lot.

Monday – We are having a lot of construction done at the shelter, and there is a lot of prep work before things can be done.  All the rain can’t stop our very dedicated volunteers. They were here early getting things ready for a new project here at the shelter.  This girl pushed and pulled until that post was loose and she could pull it out.  She is one of our awesome volunteers!  If you are interested in volunteering we are planning on offering open volunteer days in the spring.  Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook page for volunteer opportunities.

Tuesday – Jason and Tawnee hooked up the rescue rig and headed towards the auction.  It was a wet, miserably cold day, but all of our staff hearts were warm with the thought of saving lives.  As they were pulling out Tawnee couldn’t help but admire the big 10 stall barn that is being put in.  It is just waiting for the rain to stop long enough so the concrete trucks can come pour the concrete without getting stuck in the  mud.  We’ve been waiting for a while but it just keeps raining.  At the auction they met up with a couple of our volunteers who were there to assist.  The auction was a huge success, thanks to your support! We were able to rescue a total of 24 precious lives.  If you missed that blog, click here.

Wednesday was a very busy day.  It started by sorting all the horses at the auction, getting photos of each one, and getting them moved to the shelter.  It took 3 trucks and trailers to get them all moved.  The rain just kept coming down, so our staff wasn’t able to do the normal intake process when they arrived at the shelter.

Thursday – Two of our shelter vets came out to do x-rays on two critical horses that were suffering from founder and severe lameness.  We needed x-rays so we could know exactly what was going on and what exactly was in their best interest.  Despite pain management, it was easy to see the pain and suffering on their faces.  One horse wasn’t even able to get up for his x-rays.  After multiple x-rays it was found they were both suffering from severe founder, rotated coffin bones, coffin bone fractures, and bone deterioration.  We were told the kindest and most humane thing to do was to give them love and peace forever.  They were sedated together and put to sleep.  The veterinarians also examined Spartan, the emaciated pony from the auction, and found that he was suffering from a chronic neurological problem and the kindest thing for him was to say goodbye too.  Thursday was a rough day but we are so thankful we were able to save them from the slaughter pipeline and give them love, compassion, and peace from all their suffering.

Auction rescue weeks are very busy and are often some of the toughest weeks we have because some of the horses we rescue are in such critical condition.  We wish there was more we could do for them, but there is not.  We are so thankful for all the other precious lives we were able to save.  We have some great adoptions lined up next week and the forecast is calling for 4 days of sunshine in a row!

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