Shelter Happenings – Feb 25-28

Monday was a busy day here at the shelter.  It was wonderful to have a break from the grey, dreary skies and have a sunny day.  With the sun came a lot of adoption appointments and visitors looking at the horses.  A total of 6 horses found their new homes on Monday!  Red was one of the last horses to be adopted that day and we are so excited that Red has an amazing home with an amazing family that will love and care for her.

On Tuesday Tawnee and Sarah drove over to our rehab pasture to give the horses another bale of hay. They were so excited to get the hay and couldn’t wait till it was off the trailer. Back at shelter more clearing was happening getting things ready for the new improvements that are coming.

Wednesday started with catching the horses that we got from the auction so we could do the normal auction rescue intake process.  When the horses came in from the auction the weather was too bad to do our normal intake so we settled them in and waited for a sunny day.  During intake the horses are seen by our vet and each horse gets vaccines, deworming, a microchip and a tag with their name and number. After their intake our farrier trimmed the horses that needed their feet done.

Thursday was back to being a rainy day but that didn’t stop our trainer. Todd was able to work with some of the horses that hadn’t been evaluated yet. Here he is working with Duchess. She is a Paso Fino with lots of energy. She needs an experienced rider.  If you are interested in adopting her please email

Thank you so much for your support and for making our rescue and sheltering efforts possible!

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