Shelter Happenings – March 4th – 7th

Monday – We had some amazing volunteers, over 20, from two different colleges come out. After the tour of the facility, they got busy cleaning the water troughs. We make sure that the water troughs are on a regular cleaning schedule to keep down the germs. They were able to do it in record time! The horses were so happy with their clean water troughs.

Tuesday was a really cold day outside and the perfect day to get paperwork done.  Each horse has an adoption packet that goes home with them when they get adopted. It includes their Coggins, vaccines, medical records, and anything else that has to do with the horse.

Wednesday¬† – One of our Junior EPAP partners, Heather, was able to come out and work with Sugar. She instantly fell in love with her and will be putting her in her training program soon. Later in the day the farrier was out trimming horses again. It’s great to have a dependable farrier who is able to keep up with all the hooves at the shelter.

Thursday was a day to start spring cleaning. Even though it’s not going to warm up till next week we still got a lot done. Cleaning the big horse trailer was on our list and thankfully that was done before any fingers froze too bad.¬† All the horses had their weekly checks to determine weight gain and overall health. We are so thankful that they just get to rest and enjoy life while they are at the shelter.

Thank you all so much for your support both financial and emotional!