Will You Help Us Save Horses From A Slaughter Auction?

Tuesday March 26 we will be attending a livestock auction in middle Tennessee that is frequented by kill buyers and is part of the slaughter pipeline.  There are typically about 100 horses sold at this auction.  Our goal this month is to rescue 20 horses from being shipped to slaughter, but we cannot do that without your help!  It costs approximately $1,000 to purchase a horse from the auction, transport it to the shelter, give it vet and farrier care, vaccinations, deworming, and shelter it until it finds a wonderful home.  There are sadly horses dumped at this auction by their cruel owners who should have given them the Last Act of Kindness, but dumped them at the auction instead, hoping to make a few more dollars from them.  We rescue horses with cancer, chronic lameness, and other untreatable health problems.  We don’t turn a blind eye to any horse at the auction, and are a Full Circle of Life horse shelter, and rescue all the horses we can in the slaughter price range.  They are brought back to our shelter, and after a thorough medical evaluation by our veterinarian staff, a quality of life determination is made.  It is heart-wrenching to rescue some, only to love them and say “Goodbye,” but being loving and compassionate, no matter what stage of life a horse is in, is the truly humane thing to do.

The horses at the auction are confused and bewildered.  You can see the fear and confusion in their eyes.  They can smell fear from the other horses.  It’s as if they can tell they are in a very bad place, and they know what their future will hold if they are not rescued.

After arriving at our shelter, a look of peace and relaxation comes over them.  Their eyes soften and they are able to enjoy being a horse again.  With your financial support, we will make this happen for a lot of horses at the upcoming auction.

Please make a donation right now, every dollar really helps and it really does make a huge difference.  Thank you in advance!