Adoption, Auction Rescue and More

Our week started off with the farrier coming out and trimming all of the horses at our rehab pasture. They are doing wonderful and gaining weight like crazy! After he was done we had a very excited little girl come out to meet Lumi. It was love at first sight! They both fell in love with each other and will be growing together with a little help from an instructor.

On Tuesday our team headed to the auction. When they arrived they saw many horses scared and not sure what was happening. This guy just wanted some love and wanted someone to just care about him one more time. It’s never easy to watch them in the auction ring not knowing if you can save them.

Thanks to you and people like you. We were able to save 28 precious lives that night! If you haven’t seen the video click here

Tawnee couldn’t help but smile and hug one of the horses that she just saved. Nothing makes your heart smile bigger than knowing that they won’t ever have to make that trip to Mexico or Canada.

After long hours and little sleep our team headed back to the auction. They took pictures of all the horses and loaded them on to the three waiting trailers. It wasn’t long before they were all loaded up and heading to the shelter.

When they arrived at the shelter we had our intake team waiting and ready to go. Each horse got vaccines, microchipped, wormed and seen by the farrier.

Our vet team was there evaluating each horse and giving them the care they need.

The next day we had two volunteers come out to do some clearing for us. We are always so thankful for volunteers and all of their hard work. We will be planning a Volunteer Day very soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for making all of this possible. An for making a difference in the lives of these 28 amazing animals!