50 Horses Saved Tonight From the Slaughter Pipeline!!

Tonight was such an amazing night and will go down in the history books of Horse Plus!  We rescued 50 precious lives from the slaughter pipeline tonight!!!  Tawnee worked furiously in the truck out in the parking lot and missed a lot of the auction to try to bring enough awareness so the funds could be raised to purchase and care for 50 precious lives, but we had other rescuers bidding on horses.  That was her birthday (this Friday) dream, to rescue 50 horses at auction.  We raised enough funds to rescue 38 horses, leaving our fundraiser goal 12 horses short.  Looking at the horses at the auction, there was no way we could say “No” to them.  We stepped out in faith, hoping against hope that you will find it in your heart to donate just a few dollars to help us rescue and care for those precious lives?  If we all pitch in together, all the expenses of rescuing and caring for these horses will be covered.

  Purchasing 50 horses from the slaughter pipeline is extremely expensive.  Their initial purchase price was over $15,000!  And that is the cheap part, transporting, vet care, farrier care, feeding, sheltering, evaluation, training, it all adds up so quickly.  Below you can see the receipt for all the horses we saved tonight.  We do believe we have broken the world’s record for the most horses saved by one organization from the slaughter pipeline at 1 auction.  We couldn’t have done it without you, but we still need your help, please give now.

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Horse Plus Humane Society
P.O. Box 485, Hohenwald, TN 38462

?Thank You For Your Support!?

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