Prince’s Arrival Story

We receive many horses from across the United States through owner surrenders, here is a story of one of the horses that came to us this week. We have been talking with Prince’s owner for about 4 months now planning his trip from Texas to Tennessee. Planning a trip that far takes a lot of planning but we are so happy to say that he has arrived safely. We are an open door shelter and will accept any equine no matter where it is located. We just ask that you email to get things scheduled and that you have your own transportation.

Prince was so excited to have arrived and couldn’t wait to get out of the trailer. He came all the way from Texas as we are the only horse welfare organization his owner could find that would take him.

The transporter was getting everything out that the owner had sent with Prince. She sent him with some treats, grain, fly blanket, halter & lead rope and a few other things. We are always so happy when the owners send things. It makes the transition for the horses so much easier on them.

Sarah helped the transporter use a lead rope to make a halter since the halter had fallen on the floor. Prince did a good job even though he was ready to get out of the trailer.

He stood proud and tall for his intake pictures in the barn.

After he had his intake picture taken he was taken to a stall that was ready and waiting for him.

He was so happy to be done traveling and settled in very well. He stayed in the stall overnight so he could get used to everyone and everything.

The next morning Chloe let him out into the pasture and he was so excited. He was running up and down the fence line and loving it all.

If you or you know of someone that needs to surrender a horse please have them email: If you would like to help horse owners just like Prince’s make the tough but right decision, please make a donation below. Horses just like Prince need somewhere to go when their owners are not able to care for them anymore. We are so happy that we are able to help Prince and his owner but we wouldn’t be able to do so without your support. So please make a donation below!