Winston’s Story

Winston was sent to the auction last month.  He was so skinny, sad and dejected looking, almost without hope.  Most people at the auction just walked by him, never paying attention to the “worthless” horse that would be soon on his way to a feedlot.  But when our rescuers met Winston, they saw something that no one else did: they saw his potential.

They didn’t see the skinny horse that would need to be fattened to get the highest price possible at the slaughterhouse.  They didn’t see a horse that “must have medical problems to be so skinny.”  No, our rescue team saw a horse that undoubtedly was once fat and beautiful, but was neglected and then dumped at auction, a horse that desperately needed our help.

When Winston went through the auction ring, the only other people bidding on him were the kill buyers who wanted to either ship him straight to slaughter or fatten him up at a feedlot before shipping him.  Our rescue team won the bid and saved this precious boy’s life.

Just 3 weeks have passed since our last auction rescue, and the transformation in Winston is amazing.  No longer is his head hanging low.  No longer is his body aching for food.  Thanks to your support, and a lot of good food, Winston was rescued, seen by our vet, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and given the food he needs to recover his weight.

Winston is well on his way to rehabilitation, and he is loving life once again.  He will soon be out of quarantine and rehab and available for adoption.  He still needs some groceries but for such a short time, his recovery is truly remarkable.  He is a perfect example of why kill buyers do purchase skinny horses.  They often give them steroids to speed their weight gain, and then ship them to slaughter once they are up to weight.

The auction is less than a week away, next Tuesday, and we are anxiously hoping we can save more horses just like Winston.  Horses that others see no potential in. Horses dumped at auction by their heartless owners, hoping to just make a few more dollars.  Won’t you please make a donation to this month’s auction rescue in honor of Winston?  Our goal is to rescue 20 horses from auction, with your support, we can do it!

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