The auction is over and we are exhausted!

This auction rescue was quite the experience.  We are absolutely thrilled that thanks to your outpouring of support we were able to rescue 26 horses!  Our hearts are breaking because one of the horses at the auction was in extremely critical condition. We knew we had to buy the horse before the horses started selling in the auction ring.  We were able to purchase the horse and a pen full of other skinny horses for $150 each. Seconds after purchasing the horse, he slipped away and took his last breath, there was nothing we could do.  This happened right at the beginning of the auction which left us all heartbroken, but we had to focus on the living horses that needed us. We are so grateful for your support that made tonight’s auction rescue mission a success in saving so many horses. 

The horses are settled into quiet pens at the auction for the few remaining hours of the night. Our rescue team is exhausted both emotionally and physically, we’re all going to catch a few hours of sleep. Bright and early in the morning the horses will be headed to our shelter where our veterinarian, farrier and intake team will be waiting to help each one of these precious horses we saved tonight. Below is a picture of some of the horses we’ve rescued and the receipts for purchasing them. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page tomorrow. Again thank you so much for your support, we couldn’t have rescued all these horses without your help.  Everyone who donated to help with this auction rescue is a hero in my book!

Thank you so much! Tawnee Preisner, President of Horse Plus Humane Society