Urgent: We are at the auction right now!

?All of these horses pictured below are at the auction right now and they need our help!?

There are 140 horses here so far with more coming in. These pictures are of horses standing in the auction yard right now waiting to be sold, will you please help us save as many as we can? We have not yet reached our goal to raise enough funds to save 20 horses. There are some really rough horses here tonight, the black horse laying down in this picture just breaks our hearts. Can you see the hopelessness in this horse’s eyes? 

There are some horses here that are terribly skinny, you can tell that they have gone without proper food for quite a while.

We believe these horses are horses who have been in the slaughter pipeline for a while. Kill buyers will ultimately pick up any horse they can and try to fatten them up, if they do not fatten up quickly they will take them to auction and replaced them with fatter horses who are ready to ship and that will be more profitable at the slaughterhouse. Kill buyers will ship horses like these to Mexico but if they can swap them out for fatter horses and make more money they will.

Horses in the slaughter pipeline are often completely and utterly exhausted, they’ve given up they know their life is almost over. 

Please help show 20 horses tonight that there is hope, there’re people out there who love and care about them.

We wish we could save every single horse here. There are so many different horses here it is heartbreaking, our hearts just ache wishing we could save them all.

Please help us reach our goal of saving 20 horses. We can save 20 horses tonight, but we can’t do it without you!

The auction will be starting very soon, we’ll be posting updates as we can on our Facebook page please help us tonight, these horses need you!