My name is Elvis and this is my story…

My name is Elvis and this is my story…  I’m just a young horse, I don’t know a lot about this world yet but in my short life I have experienced hunger, thirst and that nobody cared about me.

 I’m just a yearling.  I don’t know how I ended up here, maybe it’s where all horses end up I don’t know.  I’ve been crammed in a huge semi slaughter truck for hours now, maybe it’s been days, it’s all blending together. The other horses in this trailer are just as unhappy as I am.  Some take their frustration out by kicking other horses.  One horse fell and hasn’t been able to get up, when the semi truck goes around a corner or suddenly stops the poor horse gets stepped on, but there’s nothing any of us can do.  We all try to keep from stepping on him, but it’s hard because this driver doesn’t seem to care about us. Finally, after what seems like eternity, the trailer finally backs up to a building with a ramp. I take hope maybe there will be food here maybe there will be water and I can finally get a drink. The door finally opens at the end of the semi trailer and we try to get out of the trailer as fast as we can, leaving the poor horse that has been down in the trailer behind.  He’s too weak to get up and there’s nothing any of us can do. The other horses told me that they’ve seen horses die in these semi trailers. “If you fall down you’re probably never going to stand again” is what they told me.   We were unloaded into a pen, but I found no food or water. I had seen one of these places before, it’s called an auction yard. It’s where horses are sold to kill buyers in the slaughter pipeline. One of the horses that has been traveling in the slaughter pipeline told me that she would probably never see me again. She said she has made multiple stops like this at auctions and all the scrawny horses are separated and she never sees them again.  Sure enough she was right, soon a man came in with a stick and started yelling at us.  I tried to stay with the others, but soon I was separated and penned with other scrawny horses and a donkey. I searched for food, but there was none.

 I stood there wondering what would happen next.  There were people walking around but I was so exhausted, skinny and tired I didn’t even bother looking at them.  I started dreaming back before all this happened.  I dreamed of a person who cared about me, played with me, and loved me.  But I knew those were only dreams.  Suddenly out of nowhere a lady came into my pen, waking me from my daydreams. I looked at her and wondered if she going to yell at me and try to push me around?  She walked up to me softly and whispered to me “It’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.” I listened to her voice, it reminded me of the person in my dreams.  She looked me over, her face looked sad, she petted me softly and said “How did you end up here you sweet boy?” I begin to feel hope, maybe this person would take me out of here, maybe she would give me food and water.  Just when everything was going good she turned and walked out of my pen and then I couldn’t see her anymore.  Was she just a part of my daydream? Why didn’t she take me with her? I’m so exhausted from traveling in the slaughter pipeline that maybe I’m hallucinating and it was all just a dream.  Time passes, I begin to hear a lot of yelling and horses running.  A young man opens my gate and I’m chased out of my pen and down an alleyway. I stand there for a moment and a large door opens and they chased me through the door.  I’ve been in an auction ring before.  There is an auctioneer yelling out numbers and a line of kill buyers sitting inside the auction ring looking at me. I know that I just have to run around for a little bit and then the words sold will be yelled, another door will open and I can run back out to another pen.  

The auction staff push me into a pen with a lot of other horses I don’t know.  This must be a kill pen I tell myself.  I stand there with the other horses knowing that soon we will be loaded onto another semi-truck headed towards Mexico.  The auction keeps going and going and every so often another horse is put into our large pen.  Finally the auction is over, but what I didn’t realize was the lady I thought I must have been daydreaming about was from Horse Plus Humane Society and she rescued me and all the other horses in this pen.

 I found myself loaded up into a horse trailer and was comforted with her soft petting and gentle voice. We traveled in the horse trailer for several hours and then arrived at Horse Plus Humane Society.   When we arrived they had food and freshwater waiting for us, I was so thirsty I drank and drank. I had never seen a place like this before, there were so many people, veterinarians, a farrier everywhere I looked there was somebody trying to do something with us, they were all buzzing about and so focused on us horses. I had an injury on my face and the veterinarian gave me some medicine and then I felt so sleepy.  He worked away on my face and soon I had stitches. It felt so good to have people making sure I was okay and actually caring about me. I felt happy and safe, I wanted to live here forever and ever.

 I had a beautiful 10 acre pasture with just me and my friends. I could rest, I could relax, I could feel my spirit coming back to me.  I kept thinking I was dreaming, but the dream never ended.

One day the people at Horse Plus Humane Society introduced me to another lady.  They told me she was very nice and very sweet and had adopted horses from them before and she was interested in me.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, this was my safe place, I really didn’t want anyone taking me away. When I met her though, she was super nice and seemed to really really like me. She just couldn’t stop smiling when she looked at me, it was really cute.

 She signed adoption papers for me and before long I found myself in a horse trailer once again and headed to my new home. When I arrived at my new home I couldn’t believe my eyes it was so beautiful.  Was this really going to be my home?  I had such a beautiful pasture waiting for me and friends to meet too.

It has been less than 100 days since I was rescued, I cannot believe the transformation that has happened to me.  My body that was so skinny and scrawny is now big, beautiful and magnificent. I’m growing into such a handsome horse and none of this would have been possible without people just like you. 

Horse Plus Humane Society relies solely off of donations to help rescue horses just like me from the slaughter pipeline. If they had not received enough donations when they were at the auction they wouldn’t have been able to rescue me and my story would have never been told, but thanks to people just like you I’m now living an amazing life. 

Will you become a horse rescue hero and donate right now to save horses like me? Well, of course you will because I know you love horses! Elvis – A Slaughter Pipeline Survivor

Based on a true story of a horse rescued by Horse Plus Humane Society, written by Tawnee Preisner