Here’s Why We Rescue “That” Horse

Time and time again I, Tawnee Preisner (CEO of Horse Plus Humane Society,) see on Facebook when we do large rescues of horses that there are people out there who criticize why we would “waste” donations on a horse that is old and not worth saving, in their opinion.  I personally don’t have time to answer their questions regarding “wasting” my time rescuing horses who look unadoptable.  The fact is, they are not there at the auction looking at these horses.  Back in May we rescued over 50 horses from one auction.  Of course, there were hundreds of people who were thrilled and supported the huge rescue effort, but there were some who were focused on the negative and whining about why we would rescue certain horses.  When you rescue large numbers of horses from auctions there is a huge diversity in the horses.  Fat ones, skinny ones, old ones, young ones, trained ones and wild ones.  I’m not going to turn a blind eye to a horse because it looks scrawny or doesn’t fit into someone else’s idea of what “worthy” looks like.

We rescued Jasmine in May along with all the other horses.  She was extremely poor looking, one of those horses that some could question why we “wasted” auction rescue funds on such a sad, pathetic little horse.

Here is why: she is an absolutely amazing little horse who with tender loving care has flourished and she is a happy, healthy horse.  This is why we save every horse we can when we go to auctions!  Yes, there are some horses we rescue that don’t make it, but we know that they passed away with love and compassion.  They deserve to be rescued and know love the same as every other horse.  For Jasmine and the majority of horses we rescue, they are able to regain their health and go on to live wonderful lives at adoptive homes with people who actually care about them.  Jasmine was adopted Tuesday and you can tell by that smile that Jasmine has an amazing home.

Take a minute to think “What if we had looked away and refused to ‘waste’ donations on such a pathetic looking horse that probably wouldn’t make it?”  Jasmine would have ended up at a feedlot and then shipped to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.  She would be dead.  Instead, thanks to support from people just like you, she now has an amazing home and a little girl to love her!

This is why we rescue every horse we can, but we need your help to make this upcoming auction rescue a huge success.  The auction is in a few days and there will be horses there just like Jasmine.  Without us they have no hope.  We have currently raised enough funds to almost rescue 4 horses, and our goal is to save 20.  Without your support, we cannot save them.  You can be the difference and save a horse’s life!