Admiral’s Story

  Many people have been wondering how Admiral is doing. How is his leg? How did his leg get like that? Is he still with us? What is his story?  Let’s start back at the beginning. 

  It was a busy morning getting everything ready to go to the auction. We had to make sure we had plenty of vet supplies, halters, lead ropes and anything else that we thought we might need. Finally, everything was loaded up and we were ready to head out. As we were on our way, my mind kept wandering back to the other horses that we have been able to save at this auction. I found myself thinking about who we were going to be able to save this time. But my heart was also already aching for the ones we might not be able to save. I tried not to think of that and thought about the wonderful horses that we would be taking home the next morning.


After arriving at the auction our team got busy. We had the filming crew with us and we wanted to get as much filming done as we could in such a little bit of time. While they were busy with that, I headed to the pens outside. It seems to me like they usually put the saddest ones out there. That’s when I saw Admiral.


He was in a pen with other horses. You could tell that he was in a lot of pain. He looked so sad! He was happy to have someone love on him and seemed to soak it all in. I knew that we needed to save him despite what his leg looked like.


The auction began and as the horses came through I kept looking for him. There were lots of skinny horses that came through. It was so sad to watch them and know that it had been a while since they saw food. But still no Admiral. The auction kept going and it was soon over. Admiral never came through.  I made it my goal to go and find him to see why.

After the auction was over our team got busy moving our horses back inside because it was raining. After looking through many pens I still didn’t see Admiral.

A guy then approached one of our volunteers and said that his buddy would like to sell us three horses. A little hope came back, maybe it was Admiral and his friends.  Tawnee and I headed off to find the three horses. We found them in the back outside in the rain and Admiral was there! We were able to agree on a price. Admiral was saved and it made me so happy!

The next morning our team was back at the auction yard early getting the horses ready to head back to the shelter. Our film crew did an amazing job capturing it all. Soon everyone was loaded up and heading back to the shelter with many adventures along the way. If you didn’t read that post click here

At the shelter the vet looked at Admirals’ leg. He told us that Admiral was in a lot of pain which could not be managed. He had a lot of scar tissue from past tendon tears that did not heal correctly. He could have possibly also had a past break associated with it. Due to these medical issues and the amount of pain that he was in, the vet felt it was the right thing to say goodbye.

Even though we were not able to have Admiral with us long we are still happy for the time that we did have.  As for the other horses they are doing wonderful! Growing stronger every day. Our trainer has been able to work with a few and they will be ready for their new homes soon. If you are interested in adopting please email:

Thank you so much for your support and for making a difference in these horses lives.  Whether it’s for a short time or for a long time it means the world to them.  Thank you!!  ~ Sarah Lake, Secretary