Sunshine’s Story

We rescue horses from many different situations.  Auction rescues happen monthly, we will be going at the end of this month.  We also assist law enforcement and bring in owner surrenders.  Last year we received word about a horse in a desperate situation.  The picture that was sent to us horrified our staff, we could see that the horse was definitely critical and needed help as soon as possible.  We are so thankful that the sheriff department moved quickly and we were able to help them.  We were very concerned for Sunshine as she was an older mare in her 20’s, blind in one eye, and we didn’t know if she was going to make it.

“There was no food or water troughs anywhere on the property, no natural forage, hay, or natural water access either.   ‘It’s just pitiful what this horse has been put through,’ Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems said, ‘and I’m just grateful that concerned citizens do the right thing when they see this type of abuse. We rely on information from our neighbors, and it’s so vital to have a partnership with our community.’ The reported owner of the horse, Randal Gene Tinin of Linden, TN was charged with Cruelty to Animals and was arrested hours after the horse was seized. Tinin is being held on a $25,000 bond in the Perry County Jail.” Read more from the Tennessee River Valley News Facebook page, click here.

Without our organization the sheriff department would have been unable to seize Sunshine because they would have nowhere for her to go.  It wasn’t long after Sunshine came to our shelter that we heard from the District Attorney office that a former owner of Sunshine had come forward and desperately wanted her back.  We didn’t know how Sunshine would rehab with her age and condition.  Ultimately the decision wasn’t up to us, but the District Attorney as we were holding Sunshine for the court system.

After doing some investigations it was determined that Sunshine would go back to her owner from long ago as long as they paid the care bond.  The old owner was more than happy to pay the care bond and scheduled a time to come pick up his old horse.  When they picked up Sunshine they hadn’t seen her for so long, and we could tell it was difficult for them.  After they left they sent a text saying they were sorry if they came off rough, they were just trying to keep from crying over Sunshine’s condition.

Sunshine’s family has done such an amazing job with her.  We love seeing the updates they keep sending!  This picture was 6 months after they picked her up.  We’re so thrilled with the progress that Sunshine had made.  Elderly horses often have a hard time recovering from such neglect.

A few months ago they sent another update and it was so good to see Sunshine in a pasture with her horse friends and cows. She looks so great!  This is truly such a happy story and could have ended so differently.

If you see an animal that is being abused or neglected, report it!  Sometimes it seems like nothing happens, but the more it is reported, the more pressure law enforcement feels to do something about it.  If the person hadn’t of reported Sunshine we know she would have died within a few days.  Thanks to support from people like you we are able to jump into action when horses need our help.