Update on 45 Horses Saved

The 45 horses we rescued from being shipped to slaughter are all settling in well at our shelter.  For the next few days we just want them to relax and become more comfortable with our staff and our shelter before we begin the intake process.  Please enjoy these photos taken today.

All of these horses share one common hobby: eating.  They’re so busy eating when they look up at you, they just keep on eating.

This beautiful horse is keeping a close eye on everyone who goes in their pen.  What a gorgeous horse!

These three horses have their tummy’s full and are enjoying relaxing in the sun, they really like each other and are always together.

“Hey, are you nice?” this horse seemed to say as he walked up towards Jason as he was taking photos of them.

These two are also quite curious about humans.  It’s evident they haven’t spent a lot of time around people, but are curious and friendly.

This horse was focused on just one thing: eating.  We have numerous large bales in their pasture so every horse can eat at the same time.

We cannot thank each and every one of you who donated to make this huge rescue possible.  Without you, no doubt these horses would be in a crowded feedlot or already slaughtered in Mexico or Canada.