Auction Rescue: Big Lick Horse Saved!

Every month we usually rescue 20+ horses at an auction in middle Tennessee, but after rescuing this Big Lick horse from auction, we were contacted about intercepting 45 horses off of a Slaughter truck which we did in lieu of our big monthly auction rescue.  Some of our rescue team were visiting an auction in the evening of November 2nd that we don’t normally go to, and saw a Big Lick horse in stacks.  We knew we had to save her from either ending up in the slaughter pipeline or continuing to be a Big Lick show horse living years of torture. She was sold without registration papers which is common with dumped Big Lick horses because their owners do not want the horse’s show history or previous ownership being revealed.  Click on the Facebook Post links at the end of each paragraph to see more photos. See Facebook Post.

We were so thankful we were able to save Wilma!  After the auction she was transported to a temporary shelter and during the night one of the stacks fell off of her hoof because part of the strapping had fallen off before we rescued her. See Facebook Post.

Wilma was soon transported to our main shelter where she settled in well, she enjoyed a nice stall with deep bedding, clean water and yummy food.  We did find some evidence of scars on the back of her pasterns. She is not as bad as some of them we have seen, but she is young so she hasn’t had to endure being in stacks and chains and soring for too many years. See Facebook Post.

Wilma had 2 veterinarians examine her, along with xrays and thermal imaging.  The veterinarians said that she had been wearing stacks for a very long time and small ridge lines and a scab were found. Her hooves are extremely long and it will take multiple trims with a very experienced farrier so she can hopefully have a successful rehab. The veterinarians were also concerned about her tendons. See Facebook Post.

Wilma has started her rehab and we hope that given time and the proper farrier care she will be sound once again.  It is so incredibly frustrating that there are people who still defend the Big Lick industry which causes such suffering and lameness to horses like Wilma.  To watch Wilma’s first rehab video, click here.

We have a wonderful potential home for Wilma.  When she is at the right point in her rehab she will be able to go to her new home!  Thank you all for your support that makes rescuing horses like Wilma from the auction possible and giving her the veterinarian care and rehabilitation she needs to be an adoptable horse.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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