Will you help us save slaughter bound horses?

Yesterday an entire semi load of 33 horses crossed over the Rio Grande into Mexico their only purpose, SLAUGHTER! This week 277 horses have been exported into Mexico to be killed in slaughterhouses, their meat to be exported into other countries as a delicacy at fancy restaurants.  These horses were from all walks of life young and old. Most were beloved horses at one time then thrown away due to loss of interest, health problems, divorces, over breeding the list goes on. Every month we go to auctions to save horses from ending up as just another number on the USDA Slaughter export report. We will be going to an auction soon to rescue as many horses as we can. We rescue horses regardless of their condition, even if they need the Last Act of Kindness. After they are rescued out of the slaughter pipeline they are individually evaluated by our veterinarian and intake team to determine what is the best plan for each horse: adoption, rehab, training, or the Last Act of Kindness. Support our mission of saving horses by making a donation. Help us as we try to keep horses off of the USDA daily slaughter export reports.

Can you give a $5 donation to help save a horse from a horrible fate?  $5 is not that much but together we can make a difference, we can change the life of a horse doomed for slaughter and give it a second chance. We will rescue as many horses as we can at the auction we will be going to, but we need your help. Give Now!

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Credit Card: https://horsehumane.org/donate.htm

By phone: 1-888-HPHS-077

By USPS: Horse Plus Humane Society P.O. Box 485, Hohenwald, TN 38462

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