🐴 Jupiter’s Rescue Story 🐴

My name is Jupiter and my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. My life is good now, but it was pretty sketchy for a while. In fact I really believe that the only reason I’m alive is because of Horse Rescue Heroes like yourself, people who donate to help rescue horses like me.  Anyways back to my story…

I’m 20 years old so some might call me old and used up, but I have plenty of life left. In fact somebody did decide I was old and used up and took me to an auction last month. They said something about they didn’t care what happened to me, I was useless, hopefully I would bring in a pretty penny and so on.  I wasn’t sure what all of that meant, but I could tell by the way people handled me that nobody cared about me.  When I arrived at the auction, we drove past a huge semi slaughter truck,  would that be my fate?  After what seemed like decades, I was finally herded into a pen crowded with people all looking in at me.  The auctioneer started rattling off numbers, a kill buyer looked at me and raised his hand.  He had a smirk on his face as if he knew I had the potential of making money after I was killed and my body had been processed  in Mexico, then shipped abroad to be a delicacy on somebody’s plate.  Somebody else started bidding on me and I wasn’t sure who that was, it was a bidding war back and forth, back and forth they went. The price for my life went higher and higher, finally the kill buyer dropped out and I was sold to somebody, I wasn’t sure who, maybe another kill buyer? I was herded into another pen, next to a bunch of other horses in the next pen over.  After the auction was over I watched the man come and chase all the horses out of the pen next to me. They were pushed down an alleyway and then on to that horrible huge slaughter semi truck.

I whinnied to the horses, and they whinnied back to me. I could hear they were scared.  I was so upset and angry, how could this be our end?  We have all worked so hard to please our owners and this is what happens to us in return?  People don’t care!  As the big slaughter truck rumbled away the horses neighing got quieter and quieter until I couldn’t hear it anymore, my heart simply broke.  Some of those horses were so nice to me and tried to comfort me even though I was so scared now they were gone… on their way to Mexico.  I decided that humans were unjust horrible people and that nobody cares. 

A lady started walking around the auction yard, talking softly to the other horses as if she cared. She seemed to be nice but she wasn’t going to fool me. I had met lots of “nice people” and none of them cared, if they did I wouldn’t end up here waiting for the next slaughter truck.  The lady finally came into my pen and tried to catch me. I wasn’t going to have any of it, I didn’t trust her or anyone else in this world. She had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and before I knew it she had a halter on me and I was being led out of the pen.

She made me stand for a picture for some weird reason and before I knew it I was on a horse trailer headed down the road with a bunch of other horses. I knew it was going to be a long trip to Mexico and I dreaded what was going to happen to me there, but after several hours we stopped and we were all unloaded. There were a whole bunch of people bustling around trying to do all kinds of things to us horses.  They were giving us wormers, vaccinations, a veterinarian was looking in my mouth, listening to my heart.  Everyone seems so concerned about us horses here, even giving us treats. I soon started to realize that these people were all being very nice to us horses, and they really cared about us. When they were finally done looking at us and petting us and talking sweetly to us, they put me and my friends out into a beautiful green pasture. 

That was last month and this has been a life-changing experience.  I have so enjoyed being at Horse Plus Humane Society. After they rescued me they told me I wouldn’t have to do anything but relax and de-stress for a whole month. They called it quarantine and a pasture vacation. I have learned that there are people out there who really care, I have learned that people aren’t all bad.  Everyone at Horse Plus Humane Society has been absolutely amazing and I trust that they will find me a wonderful loving home. – Jupiter

We rescued Jupiter last month from an auction where she could have been sold for slaughter if we had not intervened.  It is amazing what a difference care, love and kindness can make in such a short time.  We’re able to save horses just like Jupiter because of people like you making a donation to help rescue a horse out of the slaughter pipeline.  The USDA reports every week that hundreds of horses are being exported into Mexico for the purpose of slaughter.  We are going to an auction at the end of this month and rescue horses regardless of their condition, even if they need the Last Act of Kindness. After they are rescued out of the slaughter pipeline they are individually evaluated by our veterinarian and intake team to determine what is the best plan for each horse: adoption, rehab, training, and finding them loving homes.  Please be a Horse Rescue Hero and support our mission of saving horses by making a donation. Help us as we try to keep horses from being exported into Mexico for slaughter. Donate Now!

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The story was written by Tawnee. This is what she believes may have happened to Jupiter before being rescued by us.