Namid – A slaughter pipeline survivor story

This used to be me, I was scared, I was beat up and I was thrown away like garbage. I was destined to be just a number on a USDA Slaughter export report. As I stood in the auction yard I dreamed of better days, days that were behind me, days I figured I would never see again. I was sick, with a terrible cough, and I had a runny nose.  “Who would want a sick, skinny bedraggled stallion,” I asked myself.

I only brought in $300 at the auction. Was that what my life was really worth? I wish there were people out there who cared.  What I didn’t know is that I was purchased by people that really do care. I was purchased by the Horse Rescue Heroes of Horse Plus Humane Society. They paid that price for my life.  They told me that everything was about to change and I would be okay as they took pictures of me at the auction.

That was less than 2 months ago in August, and all I can say is that my life has changed.  I’m living the better days again. I don’t have my health a hundred percent back yet, but I’m fighting hard to get completely healthy.  I still have a cough and the vet checks on me almost every time he is at the shelter. My spirits are back. I am a proud regal horse once again. If it wasn’t for people like you I could have been just another number on the USDA slaughter export report.

It is because of people like you that my life was saved, people like you who donated so I could be rescued are the true heroes. I ask of you that you will consider giving to help save other horses just like me.  The horse rescue heroes are headed back to the auction on October 27th to rescue more horses out of the slaughter pipeline just like me. Will you be a Horse Hero and make the difference for a horse just like me? ~ Namid, a slaughter pipeline survivor.


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