NEW: Horse Shelter Heroes – Episode 41 + Rescue Story

Attention: Auction rescue plan for October 27th please help us save horses out of the slaughter pipeline!

Horse Shelter Heroes – Episode 41- October 8-14

In this episode of Horse Shelter Heroes: Buddy and Neptune go to their new forever home. The family has adopted from us before and are so excited to welcome two more beautiful horses into their home. You won’t believe the little girl’s huge smile when she finds out she gets to adopt two more horses! The farrier gives several horses a much-needed trim while Toffee’s evaluation was well underway; Toffee is available for adoption and we cannot wait to see the rest of her story unfold. Four miniature horses from the last auction rescue were transferred to another organization to finish their quarantine. Xena, Parker, Trigger, and Flash are all so cute and will be very happy awaiting a forever home.
Ever wonder what a weekly vet visit looks like at the shelter? The vet (more commonly referred to as “Doc”) accomplished wellness checks, X-rays, and much more. Watch on Facebook or Youtube

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Namid – A Slaughter Pipeline Survivor Story

I was scared, I was beat up and I was thrown away like garbage. I was destined to be just a number on a USDA Slaughter export report. As I stood in the auction yard I dreamed of better days, days that were behind me, days I figured I would never see again. I was sick, with a terrible cough, and I had a runny nose. “Who would want a sick, skinny bedraggled stallion,” I asked myself… Read More: Namid – A Slaughter Pipeline Survivor Story


Animals seen in this episode – Jupiter, Toffee, Namid, Angel, Grey, Xena, Trigger, Parker, Flash, Bell, Parcey, Phoenix, Andy, Elektra, Doby, Hulk, Shrek, Braveheart, Bucky, Neptune, Buddy, Astrid, Kittens, Bravo / Outlaw, Rain, Silver, Argo, Carra, Rockett, Marvel, Mystic, Storm