Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Tawnee Preisner

Vice-Chair, President, CEO & Founder

Tawnee has grown up around all kinds of animals and they are her life. At the age of 19 Tawnee founded Norcal Equine Rescue which became Horse Plus Humane Society. Tawnee is the driving force behind this organization. Now in her 30’s, she has saved over 3000 animals. Learn more about Tawnee – Click Here

 Darin BloodDarin Blood

Treasurer and CFO

Darin has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting with over 20 years of Finance experience.
Darin really enjoys spending time with animals and being in nature, and he has a passion for making a difference and helping an organization that has a positive impact on society.

Bridgette ProcopioBridgette Procopio


Bridgette is a lifelong horse lover. She enjoys trail riding and spending time with her horses, dogs and goats. She is passionate about animal welfare. She manages a large construction company and her business skills are valuable to our team.

Wilbur LandcasterWilbur Landcaster | Tennessee State Constable

Board of Director Member

Constable Landcaster is a sworn and bonded peace officer with full powers of arrest in the state of Tennessee.

He helps with cruelty investigations and is a valued member of our board of directors.

Dr. Donald LitchfieldDr. Donald Litchfield | D.C.

Board of Director Member

Dr. Donald Litchfield is a Pediatric Chiropractor based out of Ethridge, Tennessee and his medical specialization is Chiropractor – Pediatric Chiropractor. He practices in Ethridge, Tennessee and has the professional credentials of D.C.  Dr. Litchfield loves horses and other animals.  He has been working within an Amish community for over 25 years.

Larry DowellLarry Dowell

Board of Director Member

Larry is a horse lover. He became a volunteer in 2008 and has been a valued part of our team since then. Larry is a retired firefighter. Larry is great at organizing volunteer days, managing operations, helping to develop protocols, and many other invaluable qualities.

Kirsty MeyersKirsty Meyers

Board of Director Member

Kirsty is a professional horse trainer. She grew up in Hawaii and came to the mainland to go to Feather River College which offers equine associate degrees. After graduating college she continued to pursue her passion of horses and joined our team. Kirsty was our California shelter manager before becoming one of our board of directors.​

Tina Botts-ManniesTina Botts-Mannies

Board of Director Member

Tina has a lot of knowledge in the animal welfare industry. She has worked at a large animal control agency and is also certified in equine assisted therapy. She has a true passion for horse and human welfare.  She founded and operates A Grazing Grace Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy.

Stephanie DeYoungStephanie DeYoung

Board of Director Member

Stephanie is a lifelong animal lover and has spent any years in animal welfare. Stephanie is the director of Elephant Husbandry at The Elephant Sanctuary.

Scott DavisScott Davis

Board of Director Member

Scott is one of our founding board members from 2004. He owns and operates his own business and is a certified tree arborist. Over the years he is brought valuable insight and wisdom to our Board of Directors.

Mary BoppMary Bopp

Board of Director Member

Mary has a true passion for saving horses and is directly responsible for saving many horses.  Her knowledge and insights are very valuable to our organization.

Sue TorreSue Torre

Board of Director Member

Sue loves animals, she’s very involved in animal welfare and seeking realistic solutions to helping animals in need. She’s been involved with spay/neuter programs and various other programs that focus on animal welfare.

Dean Strait | RNDean Strait | RN

Board of Director Member

Dean loves animals especially dogs. Dean is head of controlling infectious disease at the hospital he works at. His insightful knowledge that he brings to our Board of Directors is extremely valuable.