Thinking about getting a horse? We Can Help With That!

Our goal is to adopt horses and other animals into wonderful loving homes. Our horses have veterinarian and trainer evaluations and a full disclosure on any behavior problems that we are aware of. If a horse is not the right match it can be returned to our shelter for another horse. We make the adoption process as easy as possible.
Horses in our adoption program & in quarantine are eligible for Shelter Transfer to other 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Shelter Transfer

Organizations will receive a $250 grant per equine transferred from Horse Plus Humane Society to their organization. This grant helps horses rescued by Horse Plus Humane Society transition to other adoption agencies with financial assistance to help with their intake cost and sheltering. Financial assistance for transfer of other kinds of animals is also available.


Horse Adoptability Levels

Level 1: These are horses that do not require further training or rehab; they can be adopted and ridden by almost anyone. They are ready to do their job and be a part of a family. These horses passed the citizenship test with flying colors and are beginner riding horses. These horses should be very respectful and obedient.
Level 2: These horses can be adopted by first-time horse owners who have some experience with horses and/or riding. These horses may need to be polished or refreshed. They have missed only one or two items on the citizenship test. These horses are generally suitable to ride for adult beginners or confident children. They may have a little more forward movement. They should have a moderate level of respect and obedience.
Level 3: These horses need some basic training that requires a knowledgable rider. We suggest that potential adopters work with a lesson instructor or be a confident intermediate or advanced rider. These horses may have a lot of buttons and/or forward movement. They may also be green horses with a good mind. They should still be respectful but may not always be very obedient. These horses missed a few items on the citizenship test but did well when retested.
Level 4:  These horses are very green, unstarted, or have behavior issues. These horses need to have time invested into them or require special consideration when choosing the adopter. These horses should be adopted by an advanced rider/horseman, trainer, or someone willing to take the horse directly to a trainer. We encourage the adopter to seek professional help with these horses. These horses had trouble with the citizenship test. They may be unstarted under saddle but must at least be halter trained; this will require a confident advanced adopter.
Level 5: These horses may have begun halter training but are more difficult to handle. These horses were previously unhandled and are in the training process. They require a special trainer and facility. These horses should only be adopted by someone who is very experienced with horses, a trainer, or someone who is taking the horse directly to a trainer.
Level 6: These are unhandled, difficult, wild horses. These horses have had little to no training and are not halter broke. These horses require a special trainer and facility. These horses should only be adopted by a trainer or someone who is taking the horse directly to a trainer.

*We may give out discounts on adoption fees if a horse requires additional training so the funds can be used for furthering the horse's education.

*Horse levels are subject to change at any time, without notice. Each horse is different and cannot always be accurately described by using just a number. Horses that are levels 2-6 may require a moderate to significant amount of rehab and may be a body condition score (BCS) 3 or less (horses with a lower BCS may need a more advanced adopter); level 1 horses are generally at least a BCS 4.  Just because a horse is at a certain level, does not mean it is rideable. Pasture pets will be given a level based on the type of adopter/handler they need; their fees are waived. We encourage potential adopters to reach out to [email protected] with any questions about a horse's behavior or adoptability level.

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