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Our goal is to adopt horses into wonderful loving homes.
We make the adoption process as easy as possible and do same-day adoptions. 

Adoptions Saves Lives

We have a successful adoption program and we also partner with equine professionals to network horses and get them adopted. Together we find homes for hundreds of horses each year.
When you adopt a horse from our shelter, not only are you changing the world for that horse , but you are opening up another spot for a horse in need to find safety and a future.

Please email to request an Adoption Application. 
Adoption applications are processed on the day of the event and you will be able to take your adoptive horse home with you the same day.

Adoption Fees: Level 1: $500 | Level 2: $500 | Level 3: $250 | Level 4-6: Fee is waived

All adoption fees are waived for available horses to veterans, military personnel, active law-enforcement and their families.

All adopters must go through our adoption process, we reserve the right to deny any adoption for any reason without disclosure. 

Level 1: Ready to be adopted horses. These are horses that do not require training or much rehab. No less than a 4 on the body scale. They do not need much time invested in them. They are ready to do their job and be apart of a family. These are horses that pass the citizenship test with flying colors. They are also beginner to intermediate riding horses. These horses should be very respectful and obedient.
Level 2: Almost ready to adopt or an adopter with some experience. These horses need to be polished or refreshed. These are horses that only missed one or two items on the citizenship test. They may be horses that are confident intermediate riding horses. May have a little more forward movement. They should have a moderate level of respect and obedience. They may also require some rehab or care. No less than a 3 on the body scale.
Level 3: Horse needs a little work or very experienced adopter. These horses need training or have advance training requiring a knowledgeable rider. These also may be horses that are hard keepers. We suggest the adopter work with a lesson instructor or be an advance rider.They probably have a lot of buttons and or forward movement. They may also be horses that are green but have a good mind. They should still be respectful but may not be super obedient. These horses missed a few items on the citizenship test but did well when retested. No less than a 3 on the body scale.
Level 4: These are horses that are very green, unstarted, or have bad behavior issues. These horses need to have time invested in them or require special consideration when choosing the adopter. We would encourage the adopter to seek professional help with these horses. These horses had trouble with the citizenship test. They may be unstarted under saddle but must at least be halter trained. This will require a confident advance adopter. These could also be horses requiring a good amount of rehab. 2 or less on the body scale. 
Level 5: Horses who are barely halter trained and difficult to handle, but have a willingness to learn. These horses were previously unhandled, and are in the training process. These require a special trainer and facility. These horses should not be adopted unless the adopter is very experienced with horses, a trainer or is taking the horse straight to a trainer.
Level 6: Unhandled, difficult, wild horses. The horse has no training and is not halter broke. These require a special trainer and facility. These horses should not be adopted unless the adopter is a trainer or is taking the horse straight to a trainer. 

Adoption Holds

Adoption holds are $100. $50 of the hold fee will go towards the care of the animal while the hold is in place and $50 will go towards the adoption fee. Please contact our office to confirm availability and to receive the link to place your adoption hold. We cannot hold a horse without the holding funds and confirmation from our office.

Available Horses

Some of the photos are intake photos when the horses arrived. Horses rescued from auction are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days. All horses have Coggins paperwork, vaccinations, microchipping, deworming and trainer evaluations before adoption. All adopters are thoroughly interviewed and screened, background checks done, including criminal background checks.
We will adopt out some horses in rehab to experienced adopters who have a great working relationship with their veterinarians and can continue the rehab process. Once a horse is cleared by the vet medically, and it is a matter of weight gain in the rehabilitation process, we find that most experienced adopters do quite well continuing the rehab process.

Adoption Partners

We utilize Adoption Partners to help us adopt even more horses into loving homes. Adoption Agencies are wonderful resources that help us transition the large number of horses that come through our shelter.  

Interested in becoming an Adoption Partner? Contact us!

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Who Are The Horses in The Photos?

The horses seen in the beautiful photography on our website are all horses that we have rescued. Kisa Kavass Designs comes out to our shelter and captures beautiful photography of rescued horses, she does an amazing job - Thank you Kisa!