Adoption Application

Adopting Saves Lives!

Thank you for your interest in adopting a horse from us. Here are the first steps in getting approved to adopt. Please read this page thoroughly and fill out the following form and send it back with the required information.
We want horses to be adopted into good homes and try to have our adoption application process as simple as possible to ensure the horse is placed into a loving home. Our goal is make the adoption process simple and easy, while ensuring the animals we place into homes go to the best possible home for that animal.
We believe that an approved adopter should be able to adopt the horse the same day the adopter comes to the facility, so bring your horse trailer when you make your adoption appointment after approval! If you are unable to transport the horse yourself, we can help put you in touch with a transporter.
All horses are adopted “as is” we recommend that you quarantine the horse before putting the horse in with any other horses after leaving our facility. If for whatever reason during the life of the horse, the horse is not the right match or does not work out for you, you may return the horse and you may be able to exchange it for another horse that might be a better match for you. At the time of adoption we do give full ownership to the adopters with the exception of a first right of refusal agreement. This means if you're unable to keep the horse, you must notify us and the horse would need to come back to us. We do allow re-homing the horse with notification and approval if the horse is going to a home that you believe will be a good home and the microchip for the horse is updated with the new owner’s information.

Things you need to know:

- Adopters must have a safe pen and shelter, either natural or man-made, for the horse.
- Adopted horses can live at a boarding stable, but the adopter must let the owner of the boarding stable know if anything happened to them the horse is to come back to our shelter.
- There is a limit of 4 equines adoptions per adopter and their immediate family.  At our adoption events, limits may change.
- Adopters must be over 18 years old to adopt, if you are a minor, please have your parent or guardian fill out the form below.
- Applications are kept for 6 months, so please only fill out this form when you are ready to adopt. Please note that we may require more information before approving your application.
- We recommend placing an adoption hold on the horse you are interested in adopting.
- Adoptions are first-come, first-serve to approved adopters. By placing a hold, we will place the horse into adoption pending status and hold the horse for you for 7 days after your application is approved. If you would like to put a horse into adoption pending please email: for more information on adoption holds.
- After filling out the adoption application below you will need to attach a photo of your ID and 5 pictures of where the horse will be living. Pasture, barn/shelter, fencing, etc. These photos will be verified and matched with Google Earth satellite images to verify the location where the horse will be living, we may also require a zoom meeting walk-through of your facility.
- When you come to our facility you will wait at the gate at your appointment time and one of our staff will meet you there and you will need to fill out a liability release and a media release form as we are filming a reality TV show.
- We reserve the right to deny any adopter without explanation.