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They Survived Together Now It’s Time To Heal Together

Foster Equine Boarding and Rescue currently have ten horses at their facility, and three of them are rescues. They rescued the three horses from SugarCreek Stockyards in Ohio, which are the ones they were seeking assistance with; Kreiger, Nada, and Akeye. 

Kreiger was their first rescue, he is 14 years old, and registered as a Standardbred. He has an injury to his front right fetlock, and was very thin when they rescued him. They named him Krieger, because it translates to “warrior”. 

Nada is older, they believe her to be in her late 20’s, and believed to be a Standardbred as well. Nada is very friendly, she loves attention! Ever since she was rescued she has been emaciated and weak, but she has started to show some improvement in her mood and energy.

Akeye is a paint, and they are unsure of her age. She is emaciated, and both of her rear legs are swollen from the fetlock up. Foster Equine Boarding and Rescue sought assistance through our Urgent Need Grant for the dentist and vet care as well as help with additional feed and supplements that are vital for these horses to gain their weight back to a healthy number. The rescue is well-aware that it will be a long process before they see the results they so desperately want for Kreiger, Nada, and Akeye, but they are buckling down to do whatever needs to be done.

These grants are only made possible with the help of our generous donors who give what they can to help us help more horses nationwide. Without your support, we couldn’t do the work that we do! Thank you for caring and being Horse Heroes!!

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