Since 2007, Tawnee and Jason Preisner, founder of Horse Plus Humane Society, have kept a Blog about the day-to-day happenings and news of Horse Plus Humane Society. All the blogs are archived and available for reading.

NEW: Horse Shelter Heroes – Episode 42 + Rescue Story

Attention: Auction Rescue – October 27th!!!

We will be going to an auction next week to rescue as many horses out of the slaughter pipeline as we can responsibly rescue and care for. The USDA reported yesterday that 660 horses were exported into Mexico for the purpose of slaughter in their U.S. to Mexico Weekly Livestock Export Summary.  This is absolutely heartbreaking but we have the opportunity to change the lives of horses that will be at this upcoming auction. You can help a horse from ending up as just a number on the next USDA slaughter export report! Give Now!

Horse Shelter Heroes – Episode 41- October 8-14

In this episode of Horse Shelter Heroes: Have you ever fallen in love with a horse? Well, this week our adopters got to do just that at our annual Fall In Love Adoption Event. Horses, a donkey, and a few cats went to their new homes, thanks to our amazing adopters.  The Amazon wish list boxes piled high this week, so high the Post Office couldn’t deliver them all. Doc is becoming very popular with our supporters, and we understand why… Doc is awesome and always keeps us laughing. Wellness checks and a physical examination wrapped up the weekly vet visit. One of everyone’s favorite highlights from the week was Blue Jeans meeting Parcey for the first time. Before too long, Parcey, Bruno, and Blue Jeans will be grazing around the pasture as the Three Musketeers of the shelter. Bravo (also affectionately called Outlaw by our employees) went to his new home! He is so sweet and gentle and will be loved by his family for many happy days to come. If you liked this episode of Horse Shelter Heroes… give us a like and subscribe on Youtube! Don’t forget to share this episode with all your friends and family so we can all work together to rescue these precious creatures and get them into their forever homes. Watch on Facebook or Youtube

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Namid – A Slaughter Pipeline Survivor Story

Martha came to us back in July of this year. We saved her at the auction where she would have most likely have been sold to a kill buyer and sent to the slaughterhouse. When Martha came to us she was very scared and not halter broke. She was just a bag of bones and needed someone to love her… Read More: Namid – A Slaughter Pipeline Survivor Story

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