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Grace and Phillipe’s Love Story

Phillipe and Grace now have a wonderful home together where they are loved and cherished!

We rescued Phillipe at auction in June, he was so skinny and malnourished.  We felt so bad for this big beautiful boy who needed someone to rescue him and give him the love and food he so desperately needed.  

Phillipe seemed to be depressed and very unsocial when we rescued him. He would stand in a corner of the pasture alone for hours not wanting to interact with any of the other horses, he would just stand there. He did this for weeks and we were very worried about him.

We rescued Grace from an auction a month after we rescued Phillipe.  She had a lot of health problems and we weren’t sure if she was going to make it.  When she arrived at our shelter Phillipe noticed her.  She probably reminded him of an old friend, maybe a team partner, and it’s possible they could’ve even known each other before we rescued them. They were both used up Draft horses, lame, skinny and no longer were useful to their previous owners.

We allowed Phillipe and Grace to continue their quarantine together, as we were hoping it might bring Phillipe out of his depression.  Phillipe was no longer standing in the corner of the pasture, he and Grace were side-by-side and grazing together constantly.  They both were in critical condition and we worked with multiple veterinarians to help them through their rehab.  At one point we thought we were going to lose Grace and the thought of Phillipe without Grace was unbearable.  We continue to work with our veterinarians and finally they were both improving.

One day we got the most amazing news: an out-of-state veterinarian contacted us and wanted to adopt them both!  This was such the perfect home, they could live out their lives together and their medical care could continue by their own mom who is a veterinarian.

Without your support of our auction rescue fund, we would not have rescued Phillipe and Grace, and they would have both most likely been slaughtered.  We cannot thank you enough for making this double happy ending a reality!

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