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Help Needed! First Auction Rescue Mission of the Year!

Our team is getting ready to go to an auction next week. This will be our very first auction rescue mission this year! Many horses are sent to auctions, not just every year or month but every week!

Many horses will be there just like Noel in the picture below. So skinny and can barely stand up. With no hope left in their eyes. Kill Buyers don’t like to take these types of horses to slaughter so they drop them off at auctions along the way hoping to pick up fatter horses. Sadly they are able to do this because there is no one there to stop them.

Thanks to you and people like you Noel was saved last year at Christmas time. We wouldn’t of been able to save her if it wasn’t for your support. To read Noels story click here

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Noel. The vet said that there was nothing more we could do for her. Her body had suffered to much abuse and was ready to go. Tawnee was able to spend some time with her before saying goodbye. She gave her some grain and love and told her everything would be alright.

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Update on the Auction Rescue Mission

It was a hard day, so very hard, we rescued so many horses that needed the Last Act of Kindness that it left our heart’s aching. If we had not saved them, they would have continued down the slaughter pipeline to a horribly brutal and painful ending.

We know it was the right thing to do, we know we had to save them and change the world for them even if it was for a short time. Just being there with them until the very end and showing them all the love we could. Out of the 23 horses that we rescued last night we had to say goodbye to ten of them today. The veterinarian said it was the right thing to do, even though it was a very hard thing to do. 

It is heartbreaking, but for those of you who saw our auction receipt in an earlier post, we couldn’t say no to those horses that were selling to the kill buyers for $10-$60. We couldn’t turn a blind eye to them and pretend that they never existed. Their owners should have been the ones responsible for them and never dumped them at the auction when they were old and broken.

We stepped up to the plate for them and showed them that all their years of service to mankind, and giving pony rides to kids, was not in vain, somebody cared for them in the very end. That somebody was us and you helped make that possible. The pony in the photos was one we saved from the auction for a mere $10. She was extremely crippled and was in a lot of pain. Sometimes it’s not the amount of time you love that matters, it’s the amount of love you give in the time you have. This poor baby shook as she walked, the pain was unbearable, as she felt the medication easing her pain, it was as though she finally had found the love she needed before she drifted to sleep. Then the pain was gone and the nightmare was over. Photos: Kisa Kavass Designs

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