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Horse Rescue Heroes | S1E2 | Full Episode

Quick Update: The 12 horses we rescued from the auction last night are safely back at our shelter and have all been seen by the veterinarian.

We will be making a special episode just about their rescue and intake, but for now, watch for updates on our Facebook page. We are asking for name suggestions to head over there and check it out. Facebook

Horse Rescue Heroes | S1E2 | Full Episode

Horse Rescue Heroes – Season 1, Episode 2 finds the Heroes of Horse Plus Humane Society traveling to Pony Tales Rescue and Rehab in Wisconsin to meet the potential winner of the $10,000 Full Circle of Life grant and 6 Month Mentoring award. A tour of the facility, some heartfelt tears from the founder Cindi, and the amazing generosity of their veterinarian may just push Pony Tales over the finish line to be the winner. Don’t miss this amazing episode watch it on YouTube or Facebook.

Watch it on YouTube or Facebook

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