Story of a horse we saved from an auction

When we go to an auction we never know what we might find. In January we found quite the treasure. He was a beautiful horse that would catch your eye, but when we took a closer look he stole our hearts.  Blind horses are a usual sight at the kill buyer auctions, blind horses cannot legally be shipped across the border to Mexico or Canada for slaughter, although we know some do.  Auction yards are the dumping ground for blind horses.  When kill buyers buy 100+ horses a week, they often don’t know they are buying a blind horse and dump them at auctions to get rid of them. They run through the sale scared and alone. Auction houses are full of loud noises and bad smells that overload their senses. We could not pass him up. We knew he needed another chance at life and a name.

The vet confirmed Buckshot was completely blind. He was only 9 years old and dumped at the auction. It was obvious he had amazing training at one point and a great personality. He was such a sweetheart. Our trainer could not wait to see what he had to offer.

Buckshot was indeed trained well. He had an amazing gait and was very responsive to his cues. He was great on the trails and happy to lead or follow. We knew he would make anyone a great horse. We just couldn’t believe he had been dumped at the auction.

We were so happy when Buckshot was pending adoption and waiting to meet his potential adopters. It was love at first sight. His little boy even brought a new halter with him for Buckshot. This connection would not have happened if we were not there to rescue him from the auction.

Many people see a problem horse when they look at a blind horse. They do not see the potential or the treasure we saw that night. Buckshot could have wound up in a very dangerous situation if we had not saved him, and he would not be in the loving home with his boy like he is now.

Misunderstood and forgotten horses like Buckshot end up in auction every day, but it does not have to be their ending. Thanks to donors like you, we can save these horses and provide new beginnings.

We will be going to an auction tomorrow. Help us keep these beautiful treasures from going on the trucks that are made of nightmares. Donate now and save a life.

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Urgent Need Update: Help Us Save Horses From a Slaughter Auction

The auction is in 2 days and we currently have raised enough funds to rescue and care for only 5 horses.  We have room for 15-20, but can only rescue as many horses as funds allow.  We need your help!  

Every month we rescue as many horses as we can from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline at livestock auctions.  So far this year we have saved an amazing 48 horses from slaughter auctions thanks to donations from people just like you.  We never know what kind of horses will be at the auction, but every auction there are over 100 horses that need rescuing.  We can’t save them all, but we will save as many as we can.  We wish you could see their sad faces, faces full of despair and abandonment.  At one of the auctions we attended we managed to capture that look in one of the horse’s face.  It’s a look of absolute rejection and hopelessness.

Please help us help them – donate now!  Every dollar helps more than you can imagine.

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Over 100,000 horses are shipped out of the USA for slaughter every year. Kill buyers see horses as dollars on hooves, and the horses are purchased for their meat, regardless of age, training level, injuries, or service they have done for their old owners. Owners of horses who do not truly care about their horse’s future, or have no other option, take their horses to livestock auctions, hoping and telling themselves that some nice person will buy them. This is often not the case. Please help us save horses from the slaughter pipeline, donate now. Your donation will be used to purchase horses directly out of the slaughter pipeline, evaluate them, give them the medical care they need, the Last Act of Kindness if necessary, training, rehabilitation, and help them find their new homes. It cost approximately $1,000 to rescue a horse from the auction, give them medical care, quarantine, training, and get them adopted into a new loving home. You can help save horses from the slaughter pipeline, without your help, we cannot save them – Please give now!

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