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Help Needed! First Auction Rescue Mission of the Year!

Our team is getting ready to go to an auction next week. This will be our very first auction rescue mission this year! Many horses are sent to auctions, not just every year or month but every week!

Many horses will be there just like Noel in the picture below. So skinny and can barely stand up. With no hope left in their eyes. Kill Buyers don’t like to take these types of horses to slaughter so they drop them off at auctions along the way hoping to pick up fatter horses. Sadly they are able to do this because there is no one there to stop them.

Thanks to you and people like you Noel was saved last year at Christmas time. We wouldn’t of been able to save her if it wasn’t for your support. To read Noels story click here

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Noel. The vet said that there was nothing more we could do for her. Her body had suffered to much abuse and was ready to go. Tawnee was able to spend some time with her before saying goodbye. She gave her some grain and love and told her everything would be alright.

Will you help us help more horses like Noel? Please donate below!

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Why do we do it?

Why do we go to auctions? That’s the place unwanted horses go. Why don’t we just save the healthy horses and just leave the sad and sick ones behind? No one wants them anyways.  But we are here to tell you that stories like this one right here, are why we do what we do. Why we save horses no matter their condition, sickness, training level or anything else. When our team was getting ready for the auction last September they didn’t know what horses would be at the auction. They didn’t know that when they stepped into one of the pens that night their hearts would hurt from the sight they saw.

Phoenix was one of 19 horses saved that September night at the auction. He was one of many horses there that night scared and not sure what would happen next. He didn’t know it but once our team saw him they knew they needed to do everything they could to save him.

There were many slaughter trucks there waiting to purchase fat healthy horses to get a load to head to Mexico or Canada. Phoenix was so skinny they really didn’t want him and we were able to purchase him for just $160.

The next morning our team made the trip back to the shelter with Phoenix and his other 18 friends. When he arrived at the shelter he was seen by our vet who said that he had a heart murmur. This could be because he was so skinny and his body was shutting down but our team just had to wait and see. They were just so happy that he was now safe and didn’t have to worry anymore. With time and love, he started improving and we couldn’t have been happier about that.

On October 14th we were holding an adoption event. We didn’t put Phoenix as ready to be adopted yet because he was still recovering. So he was in the backfield just enjoying himself when the Jolley family saw him. It was love at first sight! They went through the adoption process and fully understood what it would take to adopt Phoenix. They were fully on board and promised to keep us updated. They were so excited when they were able to have Phoenix at their home!

We have certainly enjoyed all the updates and seeing Phoenix’s progress. The first photo was taken the day he arrived at our shelter and as you can see he is doing amazing in his new home!

We are so happy that Phoenix found a wonderful family and he is doing amazing! His family said “We absolutely love Phoenix! He is the sweetest horse we have ever owned!” 

If we had just been at the auction just looking for healthy horses like the kill buyers were. We never would of met Phoenix and he never would of met the amazing family that he has now. Thanks to you and your support we are able to save horses just like Phoenix and give them another chance. A chance that they very much would not have otherwise.

We will be attending an auction Tuesday the 26th and with your help we can save horses just like Phoenix! please make a donation below.

Thank you!!

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