Commit to Adopt

Commit to Adopt

We are updating our adoption hold policy. If you are interested in adopting a horse, you can now “Commit to Adopt.” The Commit to Adopt can be used either for a specific horse or just as a general hold on the type of horse you are looking for. The cost to make the commitment is a $150 tax-deductible donation and lasts for 12 months.

 The wonderful thing is, if you make this commitment from April 26th through June 30th, the $150 will completely cover the adoption fee for one horse at our shelter for 12 months (does not apply to horses in the EPAP program.)  Even if we don’t have a horse you are interested in right now, you can Commit to Adopt and when the perfect horse comes in, you can adopt it then.  Another great thing about this program is you will also become a VIP adopter. Our VIP adopters will be the first notified about the new horses that come into the shelter. They will also have first right to adopt any horse (each Commit to Adopt covers the adoption fee for 1 horse on a first come, first serve basis to approved adopters.)  Imagine, not only do you become a VIP adopter but your Commit to Adopt covers that adoption fee!  Every Commit to Adopt we receive will help us win a $20,000 grant from the ASPCA.

Please make your $150 Commit to Adopt today!

After filling out the “Commit to Adopt” Form (linked in the button below) come back to this page and make your $150 donation to complete your Commit to Adopt.


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Remember that your Commit to Adopt expires after 1 year. Your Commit to Adopt can be used to hold a horse at the shelter for 7 days once, but it is, however, good for $150 off the adoption fee during the year for any horse at our shelter. During the Help a Horse contest, available horses at our shelter only have a $150 adoption fee, so with your Commit to Adopt, it is free to adopt a horse at our shelter. Horses available for adoption from an Equine Professional Adoption Partner do not have reduced adoption fees for the Help a Horse Days as they are set by the Partner, but your Commit to Adopt will deduct the adoption fee by $150 for one horse in the EPAP program.