End of Life Decisions

We never take end of life decisions lightly.

Humane Euthanasia

As a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter we do offer end-of-life services for horses who are unadoptable. Horse Plus Humane Society abides by the  American Veterinary Medical Association’s position on euthanasia of unadoptable horses and the American Association of Equine Practitioners that states humane euthanasia of unwanted horses. Our humane euthanasia methods are in accordance to the AAEP and the AVMA guidelines. 

What is a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter?

 A Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter is an open admission shelter that helps all horses in every stage of life regardless of their age, behavior, training or medical condition. Having compassion for all horses no matter what stage of life they are in is a priority of a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. From the beginning to the end horses find safety, love, and compassion at a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. This model of sheltering horses has been in practice for over a decade at Horse Plus Humane Society and has proven to be very successful. Most horse rescue organizations focus on a particular stage of a horse's life, the most adoptable stage. That philosophy leaves many horses with no place to go and no help or resources for them because they are simply in the wrong stage of their life. A Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter is there for horses at every stage of life from the beginning to the end.  

Donations of Mercy
Are Needed!

If you feel called to help us help the horses that no one else will becuase of chronic medical problems failing health and that are suffering, please make a donation right now to our Last Act of Kindness Fund and allow us to continue to help horses that need final rest and peace. 


Who Are The Horses in The Photos?

The horses seen in the beautiful photography on our website are all horses that we have rescued. Kisa Kavass Designs comes out to our shelter and captures beautiful photography of rescued horses, she does an amazing job - Thank you Kisa!