Full Circle of Life

The Full Circle of Life Grant is designed to help mentor and support another horse welfare organization that's willing to pilot a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter for 6 months. The selected organization will be showcased in the TV show Horse Rescue Heroes.

Now Accepting Applications!
$15,000 Grant & 6 Months of Mentoring!

2021 Grant Winner
Colorado Horse Rescue Network

Colorado Horse Rescue Network received a $10,000 Grant and 6 months of mentoring. Watch Season 2 of Horse Rescue Heroes to follow their journey.

Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter 6 Month Pilot Process

Applicants may be featured in the reality TV show horse rescue heroes.

1: Grant Application is Open | Submit a grant application and describe how you would use the $15,000 grant. We will be looking for an organization who will be able to utilize the funds to become set up to rescue and shelter horses in all stages of life. The grant funds should not be used for day-to-day operations, but rather in a tangible way towards helping the organization long-term, such as a larger horse trailer, new barn, etc. Projected grant projects should not exceed a $15,000 grant.

2: Grant Deadline - March 1st | After the grant deadline, all applications will be reviewed and considered by our grant committee.

3: Top Finalists | The top finalists will be announced the spring of 2022 if your organization is chosen as one of the top finalist you may receive a scheduled visit by our team to see your facility and meet your team.

4: Winner Announcement | The winning organization will be announced in late spring early summer. If your organization is chosen the grant funds will be awarded during the filming of Horse Rescue Heroes. 

5: Piloting the Program | The Full Circle of Life 6 month pilot and mentoring will run between the summer and fall of 2022                        

    First Stage: Horse Plus Humane Society's founders and film crew will come to your facility and meet with you, your team and your veterinarian to develop a shelter plan that will work for your organization. Their visit will last a couple of days and after that time our CEO and founder Tawnee Preisner will be available for coaching and mentoring throughout the pilot. During the course of the pilot you will need to have somebody video footage as it happens such as owners surrendering horses, training, rescuing, etc with the provided camera, and send the recorded content to the media production team.

    Second Stage: You and one of your team will come to Horse Plus Humane Society's facility in Hohenwald, TN for Horse Plus Boot Camp. During this visit you will primarily learn about fundraising and donor follow up, ways to massively increase adoptions, along with assisting with a large-scale rescue mission and intake of a large number of horses. Travel and lodging will be provided for 2 people from the piloting organization. If other organization team members would like to come they are responsible for their own travel and lodging. 

   Third Stage: Horse Plus Humane Society‚Äôs founders and film crew will travel to your facility and help host a free surrender day at your facility or local facility.  The free surrender day will be on a Sunday with evaluations and euthanasia for unadoptable horses on Monday.    During the visit Tawnee and Jason Preisner will talk with you about what it was like piloting a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter for the past 6 months and if you plan on continuing to be a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter and if your organization has seen financial growth. Tawnee Preisner will continue to be available for coaching and mentoring to help the organization grow and prosper.

6: Independence | In no way do we want your organization to lose its identity while participating and piloting a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. A Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter is a philosophy that means you are there for horses at every stage of their life.  It is not a partnership with Horse Plus Humane Society or a branch shelter of our organization. We will share with you what works for us and mentor you and your unique needs in your community. 

7: Becoming a Mentor | Becoming a mentor is an important part of the future of this program. You may be asked to be a speaker at one of our events or help mentor a horse rescue organization in the future.

Grant Requirements

1: Be a horse welfare organization in operation at least 2 years as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and in good standing with the IRS and yearly income over $20,000. 

2: A letter of intent for what the grant would be used for. The grant funds should not be used for day-to-day operations, but rather in a tangible way towards helping your organization long-term.  The letter of intent is included in the grant application.  Projected grant projects should not exceed a $15,000 grant.                                                

3: Organization must understands and support that a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter must offer humane, compassionate euthanasia options for unwanted and unadoptable horses in accordance with the AAEP.

4: Willing to pilot a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter for 6 months. 

5: Have a suitable facility for sheltering horses of all ages, temperaments, training levels and genders. 

6: A good working relationship with a veterinarian and farrier. 

7: An adoption program adopting out a minimum of 10 horses a year.

8: The ability to have horses humanely euthanized and equine disposal.  We will work with your organization, if necessary, to help you figure out options when it may seem there are no options in your area. 

9: Participating organization's director, staff and veterinarian agree to meet with Horse Plus Humane Society staff  to discuss in plans and operations for a pilot Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. 

10: The transitioning of a horse rescue to Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter will be documented through photos, video, audio and any other media deemed necessary by Horse Plus Humane Society and made into the reality TV show Horse Rescue Heroes!

2022 Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Grant

Application | Deadline - March 1st 2022

Please read Grant Requirements before submitting the grant application.