Gelding Assistance

The Gelding Assistance / Grant program is to help nonprofit organizations and private horse owners by providing financial assistance to help get their stallion gelded (castrated) to ultimately help reduce the population of unwanted horses. 

Available to private horse owners and nonprofits!

If your organization has been previously approved and returning for support you must fill out returning applicant grant form.
Returning Non Profit Needing Assistance


Requirements: Gelding operations must be done by a licensed veterinarian. A public Facebook post must be posted (using Horse Plus Humane Society *Facebook template) acknowledging Horse Plus Humane Society for the financial assistance for each horse. This post may be shared on Horse Plus Humane Society's main Facebook page.  A full, clear photo of each side of the horse (including ears, hooves, nose and tail) and face of the horse (3 photos total,) a minimum 10 second clear video of the horse, and a minimum 30 second interview video with appropriate background (horse trailer, gelded horse, etc) are required within 7 days of the gelding, upload instructions will be provided with grant approval.  Horse Plus Humane Society reserves the right to request additional media if provided media is inadequate due to technical limitations or content.  

Private Horse Owners Assistance: We will pay the actual cost of the gelding operation, up to $100 per horse. We pay the funds directly to the licensed Veterinarian. Horse Owners must fill out our the Private Horse Owner Assistance Application below. 

Nonprofit: $100 grant per horse paid directly to the nonprofit organization to be used to geld the horse by a licensed veterinarian. Nonprofit organizations must fill out our Nonprofit Grant Application, below Private Owner Assistance Application.   Reporting: A copy of the veterinarian invoice showing proof of gelding for each horse is required within 30 days.

* Example of Facebook Template Post
Today, we are grateful to Horse Plus Humane Society for their financial assistance in making the gelding of [Horse's Name] possible! The gelding procedure was done by our veterinarian and we’re thankful that [Horse's Name] is now a gelding.   

(Organization Name: XXX)
State: XXX 

This Gelding Assistance Program is available as funds allow, made possible by the support from our generous donors. You can help support this program and help us protect horses across the United States by making a donation today. 

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Private Horse Owners Assistance Application

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