As a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter our goal is to rescue, shelter, and protect as many horses as we can, no matter what stage of life they are in. Through our grant and assistance programs we are able to provide a safety net and help a larger number of horses across the nation in an effort to keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline.  

No horse deserves slaughter - America must do better!

Available Assistance & Grants

These grants are designed to help horses and other equines on a global level, taking our efforts to rescue, shelter, and protect horses and other equines around the world. Applicants may apply for this grant & assistance at any time and the grant request will be considered for approval by our grant committee. Our goal is to approve as many grants as possible that directly impact the lives of horses and other equines. Global funding is available on a limited basis! Grant applications completed will be reviewed by our grant committee and a response will be emailed within a week of application submission.  If you do not receive a response to your grant application within four days of submission or if you have trouble submitting your application, you may contact our grant team at: 

Assistance Available for Private Horse Owners

We understand that there are times that a private horse owner needs a little help for their horse or other equine. Our assistance program helps horses or other equines receive gelding operations, humane euthanasia, and help with natural disaster situations. We do private equine owner assistance globally on a limited basis.

Gelding Operation - Whether you have one stallion or a bunch of stallions that need to be gelded, Horse Plus Humane Society is here to help! Assistance is available of $100 per horse or other equine for the gelding operation. Assistance is paid directly to the veterinarian for the procedure.

Humane Euthanasia - If you have a horse or other equine that needs the Last Act of Kindness, we can help with financial assistance. Making this hard decision is difficult enough, but financial restraints can leave a horse suffering for months. Assistance is available of $150 per horse or other equine needing the Last Act of Kindness. Assistance is paid directly to the veterinarian for the procedure.

Natural Disasters - Natural disasters can leave private horse owners devastated. Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes , etc can leave a horse owner struggling to provide for the horse or other equine. If you have been affected by a natural disaster, we may be able to help. There may be unexpected vet bills due to injury, emergency feed, etc. that is a result from a natural disaster. Financial assistance is paid directly to veterinarians for procedures done, or feed stores. We do not give financial assistance directly to the horse owner.

Any Application may be denied solely at the discretion of Horse Plus Humane Society without explanation. Grants and assistance are available as funds allow.

Support Our Safety Net Programs

Thousands of horses are exported out of the United States and slaughtered every year. Horses have no voice, they need you because horses in jeopardy have no hope. Join us with your support and become a Horse Hero, together we will make a difference, together we can save horses from a horrific fate! Help us protect horses across the United States!

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