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Horse Plus Humane Society rescues, shelters and protects thousands of horses with the help of its skilled employees. Horse Plus employees must be enthusiastic horse lovers, dedicated to our mission with a passion for helping the greatest number of horses possible in an effort to put an end to horse slaughter.

Job Openings

Applicants may fill out the Job Application Form below, if a job is available we will review your application. If there are no jobs currently available you can submit an application with your resume and we will review your application and keep it on file to be considered for a future job opening.

Veterinarian Technician
Animal Health & Records

Job Description
Animal Health & Records duties include monitoring animal health and keeping vital records of all animals at the facility. This position is under the direction of Shelter Veterinarian and Shelter Foreman.

Oversees all aspects of health care for the animals at the shelter:
Performing an initial examination of the animals
Taking vital signs, drawing blood and gathering medical histories.
Providing emergency first aid.
Preparing animals and equipment for surgical procedures.
Administering medications and vaccines prescribed by a veterinarian.
Taking and processing x-rays.
Educating animal owners.
Notifies the veterinarian of animal emergencies.
Provides physical assistance to the veterinarian during all veterinarian visits to the shelter, including taking notes of the veterinarian's diagnosis and treatment plans.
Administer medications as prescribed by the veterinarian, including IV, IM, Oral and provide any treatments as directed by the veterinarian.
Oversees all aspects of horse housing, vet services, and handling at shelter.
Organizes, maintains and inventories all vaccinations and other aspects of equine health.
Ensures height and weight are accurately assessed and recorded.
Assists in administering medications of all types, including deworming, delousing, vaccinations, microchipping, electrolytes & probiotics, tagging, and any other
Microchip, deworm, and vaccinate if they pass initial intake and are cleared for the
adoptable program.

Farrier Days
Develop, implement and maintain a farrier schedule for horses that need hoof care.
Records for Farrier.
Prior to the farrier arrival, provide a list of the horses needing hoof care to the Shelter Foreman so the horses will be ready when the farrier arrives.
Veterinarian Days
Create and provide a list of animals needing veterinarian care to the Shelter Foreman so the animals will be ready when the veterinarian arrives.
Prior to the veterinarian’s arrival, catch the horses that are scheduled.
Hold the horse for the veterinarian if needed.
Communicate health concerns with the veterinarian.
Record notes of treatment plans for animals.

Responsible for detailed record keeping of all animals at the shelter.
Maintaining up to date animal records.
Assigning animal ID numbers and taking photographs of animals and filing them.
Records of doctors note
Detailed notes of medication records for each animal
Note taking for Veterinarian Records
Treatment plans
Records for all animal health related documentation
Keep up to date record for all animals at Shelter
Drug logs administered, kind, date, time, etc
Assist Shelter Foreman with health and animal management related task

Organizes, maintains and inventories all medications and vaccinations:
Develops, implements, and maintains medication and vaccination inventory, and responsible for purchasing needed medication and vaccinations to ensure an adequate supply of medication and vaccinations.
Organizes Medication Room, including organizing in a logical way.
Ensuring that the veterinarian facility of the shelter is well-maintained and equipment is kept in good order.

Job Requirements
Horse experience and knowledge is required for this job.
Licensed veterinarian technician
High school diploma or general education degree (GED) required
Must wear organization uniform at all times while working
Attention to detail and strong ability to focus on tasks in a busy and engaging workplace.
Comfortable multi-tasking and prioritizing tasks with or without guidance
Excellent interpersonal skills
Punctual with strong attendance history
Must be at least 18 years of age
Possession of a valid Driver’s License
Reliable transportation
Be drug free
Must be physically fit and able to lift and move 50 lbs

Starting wage $16-$19 an hour depending on experience.
1 week paid vacation after 1st year, 2 weeks after 2nd year, paid holidays.

- Candidate must be comfortable being photographed and filmed. Horse Plus Humane Society has a very active weekly TV show, Horse Shelter Heroes, and an ongoing mentoring show on Amazon Prime called Horse Rescue Heroes. Employees will be filmed in a variety of environments, and must be comfortable speaking to the camera and wearing audio recording equipment.
- Employees are scheduled for 4, 10 hour days Monday through Thursday, with occasional Sunday’s for special events. Fridays and Saturdays are always scheduled off for office staff unless there is an emergency.


Uploading documents must be completely uploaded before application can be submitted.

Applications may be denied solely at the discretion of Horse Plus Humane Society without explanation.