Shelter Transfer Grants

Nonprofit organizations will receive a $250 grant per equine (other financial assistance available for other animals) transferred from Horse Plus Humane Society to their organization. This grant helps horses rescued by Horse Plus Humane Society transition to other adoption agencies with financial assistance to help with their initial intake cost and sheltering. This program helps adoptable horses find homes through different networks and regions throughout the United States. 


Nonprofit organizations will receive a $250 grant per equine (other financial assistance available for other animals) transferred from Horse Plus Humane Society. The financial assistance can be used to help care for the horses or other animals and help cover intake cost. This grant program is designed to help rescue horses out of the slaughter pipeline and place them with adoption agencies. Horses available in this program are primarily from auction rescues, owner surrenders or from animal cruelty cases. 

This program is also available for cats and other animals at Horse Plus Humane Society and is not strictly for horses, but the grant associated with the intake cost is different depending on the kind of animal.

Horses have been examined by our veterinarian and intake team. Each equine is vaccinated, dewormed, has current negative Coggins, microchipped, x-rays if needed, etc. Horses may also be evaluated by our trainers to determine what training the horse may have or they may be transferred before their official trainer evaluation. Horse adoption agencies can select horses that can be easily adopted through their adoption program and their networks, or select horses that require additional training and/or rehabilitation.
-Owner Surrender Horses are available after their initial intake has been done.
-Horses from animal cruelty cases must be cleared by the court before placement can occur.
-Horses rescued from auction are available after 30 days of quarantine or if the adoption agency has their own quarantine facility the horse may be transferred one week after the initial intake at Horse Plus Humane Society.
-Participating organizations are responsible for transportation.

Requirements: Participating organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit horse welfare organization, with good veterinarian and farrier references. A public Facebook post must be posted (using Horse Plus Humane Society *Facebook template) acknowledging Horse Plus Humane Society for the grant and the new horses being transferred into their organization. This post may be shared on to Horse Plus Humane Society's main Facebook page.

* Example of Facebook Template Post
New Arrivals!
 We would like you to meet [Horse's Name], who was transferred to us from Horse Plus Humane Society. We would like to thank Horse Plus Humane Society for their financial assistance to help with the cost involved with bringing this horse into our organization. 

(Organization Name: XXX)
State: XXX