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Our California shelter is our oldest shelter, rescuing and sheltering animals since 2003.  Our shelter is located in Newcastle near Sacramento.
All adopters must be approved before adopting. Fill out the Adoption Application, click here.


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Phone: (916) 905-7003

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Sarah Cobos


Phone: 916-672-1788

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6025 Wise Rd
Newcastle, Ca 95658

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P.O. Box 485
Hohenwald, TN 38462


Surrender fees: $425 (equines)
(For those who are unable to pay a surrender fee, we accept hardship cases into our waiting list. 1 hardship is taken without a fee once a month, unless it is an exception.)

Adoption fees: $0.00-$500.00
(There maybe additional fees added to the adoption fee if the animal was transferred from one of our other shelters.)

Euthanasia fee: $350.00 (equines)

Shelter Blog

Help A Horse Day 2017

We celebrated the national Help a Horse Day on April 23rd.  It was a huge success, not only at our shelters, but for horses around the nation.  We simultaneously worked in California, Oklahoma and Tennessee in support of the ASPCA’s Help a Horse day.

At Tennessee we held a Horse Fest, which was a great success despite near constant rain all day.  During the Horse Fest we operated a 1-Day Open Door Shelter, made possible by the Right Horse Initiative, where nearly 20 horses and donkeys were surrendered.  We had horses available for adoption too.  Our trainer did a halter training demonstration, speakers talked about equine health, many vendors came to help raise money for horses, and we had 3 concerts.  Everybody that participated in the event were volunteering to show their support for the Help a Horse day, and we are excited to have such a great turnout.  Over 100 people came to the Horse Fest.

It was raining outside, so we brought one of the horses inside for part of the event.  One of our missions is to reach out to young people and encourage good horsemanship.  It’s amazing watching young people pet a horse, maybe for the first time, and fall in love with the experience.  This photo was not staged, and we didn’t’ realize the scene was mimicking our Horse Plus Therapy logo in the background until we looked at it later.  How cute!

The Tennessee Coop had a representative come to speak on equine health and wellness.  The representative had rescued some horses of his own, and did a great talk on rehabbing neglected horses, and the importance of proper nutrition and care.

We were delighted that Templeton Thompson and her cowboy rockstar husband Sam Gay came to perform and show their support of the national Help a Horse day.  We first met them many years ago at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, and have been fans ever since.  They sing such great songs about horses, one of her signature songs is When I Get That Pony Rode.  To watch Templeton and Sam perform, click here.

Our long time fans will remember Steve from a few years ago.  He worked as our farrier and ranch hand at the California shelter many years ago, but moved on.  He has been running a successful farrier business and focusing on his music career.  When he found out about the Horse Fest, he flew out from Idaho to participate in it.  To watch Steve perform, click here.

Ryan Hinkle lit up the stage with his band and stunning vocals.  We can’t thank him, and all the artists, enough for making the evening a great success.  To watch Ryan and his band, click here.

In Oklahoma, we had an outreach booth at the Shawnee Tractor Supply.  We focused on sharing information on horse care and bringing awareness to equine adoption.  Over 30 people came by the booth to talk and appreciated the information we were sharing.

In California we were doing an adoption marathon.  For weeks before the event, we had been taking adoption applications and getting people approved to adopt.  Now that Help a Horse day had arrived, the trailers were lining up.

We were so thrilled with all the folks coming to adopt horses on Help a Horse day.  Adopting a horse is truly helping a horse, transitioning from a place of danger, to the shelter, then to their right home.  We love the smiles we see when we take adoption photos!

It was an extremely busy day, and because of the Help a Horse event, 16 horses were adopted in California and 1 horse was adopted in Tennessee.  A total of 17 horses found their right homes!  Every horse was adopted that we had available in California except for 1.  It was a huge success.

You can see a lot more photos of the Help a Horse day on our Facebook page by clicking here.

102 Horses Surrendered at the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses in California

We held our 4th 1-Day Open Door Shelter on March 5th, this time in California. A staggering number of horses were surrendered, a total of 102!  Horse trailers were lined up waiting to drop off horses whose owners could no longer keep them.  The barns at the fairgrounds began filling up quickly.

We would like to thank our partner the Right Horse Initiative for making this 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses possible, without them this event would have never happened. To learn more about the right horse initiative please visit their website –

The goal of the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses is to provide a safe place for horse owners to surrender their horses that they can no longer keep, at no cost, it is completely free. We even offer free transportation for the horses if they do not have a way to bring their horse to the shelter. The 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses is extremely crucial to keep horses safe from ending up in the wrong hands or neglected. Many times we find horses that come to our 1-Day Open Door Shelters have suffered extreme neglect. Veterinarians examine each horse and any horse that is found to be suffering is given the last act of kindness.

Our goal is to place every horse that has a good quality of life and is adoptable with adoption partners to be adopted to a new home. All adoptable horses are being placed into adoption programs. If you are interested in adopting one of the adoptable horses, please contact A Grazing Grace Horse Rescue or our California Shelter.

We had a great team of staff, board of directors and volunteers that worked tirelessly to make this event a success. At the end of the day Sarah and Melissa did a video talking about their busy day, to watch the video click here.

Please consider making a donation to help us with this important work. As you can imagine your support is greatly needed and appreciated!

Below are photos of all the horses surrendered  at this event, 102 horses is a lot of horses! The original date for the event was February 19th but had to be rescheduled due to flooding. Not all the photos were taken at the fairgrounds. Some of the photos are of horses that came in on the original date, others were taken when the horse was picked up from its owner.