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Your Adoption Specialist | Kristen Breakfield
Horses are my passion and my life. I train horses at Horse Plus Humane Society’s Tennessee Shelter and my goal is to help you find the right horse. I will give you a full disclosure on any horse you are interested in. You will have access to a 1 hour complimentary lesson with me and your new horse at the time of adoption. I will also be available if you have questions about your adopted horse in the future. – Kristen Breakfield 931-306-6623 | kristen.b@horsehumane.org

All adopters must be approved before adopting. Fill out the Adoption Application, click here.

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Adoption Specialist:

Kristen Breakfield

Email: kristen.b@horsehumane.org

Phone: 1-888-HPHS-077 ext. 702

Shelter Address:

600 Charles McClearen Rd

Hohenwald, TN 38462

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P.O. Box 485

Hohenwald, TN 38462


Surrender fees: $0- Donations  Appreciated

Adoption fees: $0.00-$500.00

     Transporting fees: $1 a mile- Round Trip

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Unwanted to Treasured

Many horses and ponies are shipped to slaughter every year, with most of them never getting a second chance. Auctions don’t care what size, training, breed, gender or anything about the horses, they are just ready to get the horses sold and out. This was almost the case for Ida.  Our rescue team saw Ida in a pen at the auction and they knew she had to be saved. Ida wasn’t as skinny as some of the other horses but she did need training. Thanks to support from people like you we were able to outbid the kill buyers and rescue her.

After training Ida was ready to be adopted. On October 14th we had an adoption event and a lot of people came looking for their new horse. It wasn’t long before Ida’s potential family fell in love with her! Ida’s new mom adopted her for her three-year-old. It was a very happy day for Pearl when her mom arrived home that night with her new forever friend.

Pearls smile says it all! They will both be showing in horse shows next year and are doing amazing together! We couldn’t be more happy for these two!

There are many other horses and ponies just like Ida waiting for someone to come and save them. Please make a donation right now to help save more horses just like Ida.  We will be going to an auction in a few days, we have raised enough funds to save 3 horses from the slaughter auction. We really need your support.

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Urgent Need: Horses Will Be Sold For Slaughter

Does horse slaughter really happen? Despite what some may think, the horse slaughter industry is active in the United States, just the brutal killing does not happen on our soil. Just last week over a thousand horses were exported for slaughter in Mexico. Nearly 70,000 horses from the United States have been shipped to a brutal death in a foreign slaughterhouse this year, an increase of over 3,000 from the same time last year.

Horse slaughter is not getting better, this increase shows that there is even a bigger need for rescuing horses before they end up at feedlots and are shipped to slaughter. For the last 15 years we have been rescuing horses from this horrible fate, this has been a never-ending mission for us. With your help in a few days we can save some more horses from being a statistic on the USDA slaughter export records. 

A horse in a slaughter auction feels hopeless.  They know they’ve been tossed aside and no one cares about them anymore but the fact is we do care and we can save them with your help. Will you help us save them?

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