Tawnee Preisner

Tawnee founded Horse Plus Humane Society when she was only 19 years old

A Woman Who Has Saved Over 6000 Horses

I love horses and to look at me you probably think that I'm perfectly normal, but I'm not.  I struggle every single day with a learning disability and an injury that left me only able to complete the 3rd grade. I have dyslexia and when I was 10 years old a horse kicked me in my head, fracturing my skull and injuring the part of my brain which does reading, math, hand eye coordination, among other things that people take for granted. 
Do not let a learning disability hold you back, dream big and take one day at a time, the possibilities are endless!

In August of 2003 at the age of 19 years old I was at a slaughter auction. I had recently gotten married and didn't have a horse and was desperate to have another horse in my life. So I went to the auction to get a horse. I had heard all about this auction.  When I was growing up our next door neighbor was a kill buyer and constantly bought and sold horses. He always talked about this auction where he could get top meat price for the horses he was selling for slaughter. I went there thinking I would buy a horse for myself and keep her forever. I purchased a beautiful 4 year old registered Quarter Horse mare who had never been handled before. I had trained horses for years and my first horse I got at the age of 10 was a wild Mustang straight from the BLM.  I was excited about training this beautiful mare who I name Skip. I was not planning on rehoming Skip and it wasn't long before I had her under saddle and was completely in love with her.  I started thinking she would have been killed in a slaughterhouse if I had not saved her from the auction. I soon realized that I had to rehome her and try to help other horses like her. I sold her for $1,800 to a good home and used that money to go back and save 4 more horses from the slaughter auction. I wasn't planning on starting a rescue, I just had to help those horses at the auction, I had to get them out of there, I had to give them the training they needed so they could live a happy life. 
Over 6,000 horses later, I am amazed at what this organization has become. Little did I know when I was rescuing Skip from that slaughter auction that I was embarking on a journey to create a National Organization saving thousands horses across the United States.

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Who Are The Horses in The Photos?

The horses seen in the beautiful photography on our website are all horses that we have rescued. Kisa Kavass Designs comes out to our shelter and captures beautiful photography of rescued horses, she does an amazing job - Thank you Kisa!