We Buy Horses!

“We Buy Horses!” Program

Pilot Program: This pilot program will begin in September 2018 and will focus on horses in the Middle Tennessee area.

Synapsis: The goal of this program is to intercept horses before they find themselves in an often fatal situation by directly purchasing them from their owners who are offering them at or below slaughter price.  We can beat the kill buyers to them and save the horse a lot of undue stress, sickness and suffering.  Horses are purchased without discrimination of their age, soundness, training, gender, color, or other characteristics, but solely on determination of whether the horse is in danger of being shipped to slaughter by being offered for sale at or below current slaughter price. Purchasing horses from people before they sell them at an auction or to a kill buyer / horse trader will prevent the horses from entering the slaughter pipeline and keep them from contracting the various contagious diseases they encounter at livestock auctions or feedlots.

Funding: Horse Plus Humane Society won a $20,000 prize from the ASPCA as a winner of the 2018 Help a Horse Day contest. The prize money will be used to purchase the horses from their owner, but we must raise the transport, medical care and sheltering expenses from donations.  The goal for this program is to become self-sustaining through fundraising to purchase horses that are in jeopardy.

Program Description: The We Buy Horses Program is a pilot program to intercept horses before they find themselves at auction or a feedlot and then shipped on to slaughter. Throughout social media horses are being posted below slaughter price and these horses are in jeopardy of being purchased by kill buyers or horse traders who will take them to auction or ship them to slaughter. We are an open admission shelter and receive hundreds of horses surrendered by their owners, but there is a big problem. Many horse owners feel they must receive some monetary value for their horse, these are often horses that desperately need the most help as their welfare is not being considered. Kill buyers and horse traders have no problem purchasing horses from the general public because they know what the meat price is and they know how much money they can make off the horse in the slaughter pipeline. Many horse owners do not realize that horse slaughter, though currently not happening in the United States, is happening across the border in Mexico/Canada and nearly 100,000 horses are shipped to slaughter every year. This program will help bring more awareness of this issue to the horse community.

When horses are purchased by kill buyers and horse traders they find themselves at auctions or feedlots. They’re exposed to a large number of diseases and most will get very sick. When we rescue from auction, approximately 90% of the horses will be sick with a contagious disease within a week after being rescued. Quarantining horses from auctions is long and expensive, the veterinarian bills that accumulate from auction rescue are in the thousands each month.

The goal of this program is to intercept these horses before they find themselves in an often fatal situation by directly purchasing them from their owners who are offering them at or below slaughter price, we can beat the kill buyers to them and save the horse a lot of undue stress, sickness and suffering.

We will not discriminate against a horse or other equine due to their gender, behavior, age, lameness or any medical problems. Kill buyers do not discriminate against horses and neither will we! Because we will not discriminate against horses, there will be times we will end up purchasing horses who are chronically suffering and may need humane euthanasia, but that would only be done upon the recommendation of a veterinarian. If there are no funds available in the We Buy Horses Fund to care for the horses once purchased, we will not be able to purchase horses in jeopardy. We must have all the funds needed to transport and care for the horse before we can purchase the horse. This is extremely crucial so we can safely and responsibly transition the horse into an approved loving home. Funds must be raised quickly because kill buyers have a big budget and can move fast! There may be times that we are fundraising for a horse but the horse is sold out from under us before the needed funds have been raised. Any of the funds raised to purchase that horse will go into the We Buy Horses Fund to help rescue another horse in jeopardy.

As funding is available we will purchase horses that are for sale with their prices within the current market slaughter price. We will have to raise additional funds for caring for the horse while the horse is being sheltered.

Horses Under 1100 ——– $0.21-$0.34 a pound.  |  Horses Over 1100 ———- $0.25-$0.50 a pound.

This has never been done on a large scale before, and with your support, we can make this program a huge success! The kill buyers are very active and it is time that we step up and get these horses before the kill buyers do. Waiting until they are in feedlots or auctions to save them is only increasing the suffering of horses. Please make a donation, and help horses before they end up in extreme danger.

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